Linket Patent Pending Leverages Blockchain for Location Verification and Notary Services

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Blockchain for the mobile gig economy. An easy way to record location-dependent jobs during the day.

Blockchain for the mobile gig economy. An easy way to record location-dependent jobs during the day.

As part of their jobs, workers often are required to prove that they are in a specific location at a particular time on the day in question. Security guards currently use apps that connect to sensors at a set location where the sensors have been installed. Using their unique linket identity and the GPS and camera on their phones, workers can upload this information onto a blockchain creating a verifiable record of their location at a particular time. In contrast to employee tracking this is not an invasion of privacy, it simply is a location and identity verification.

This can also be used for Augmented Reality (AR) gaming and geocaching events, to minimize cheating.

To extend the validation capabilities when combining linkets and blockchain, mobile notary services can be executed. By entering your location (via phone GPS) into a notary app, it lets you find a notary in your vicinity. The notary uses your linket identity along with your location information and possibly photographic evidence of you meeting with the notary (selfies), and other job-related data, to upload a notary record to the blockchain.

Linket provides the personal identity validation that when used with location and photographic evidentiary information constitutes a valid legal record of work performed.

The patent pending is "Blockchain, notary and linket for mobile users". Filed on 1 Nov 2017, #15/732368. It was written by COO Louise Falevsky and CEO Wesley Boudville. She is distinguished by co-authoring the patent pending "Discovery and publishing among multiple sellers and multiple buyers" ( with Professor Len Kleinrock. He made the first Internet connection in 1969. (

The blockchain pending is part of a blockchain technology portfolio. Along with patent 9,792,101 ( and the pending "Blockchain and deep links for mobile apps" #20170031874 (, which are used to make a verified social network via a blockchain.

Linket Corp. is a Delaware C Corporation based in Los Angeles.

A whitepaper explaining the 3 inventions MAY be available to interested readers.

For more information, please contact the CMO, Susan Kessler ( susan(at)linket(dot)info ) or call (626) 656-3309

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