A Report on Flying Car and Flying Taxi Market in US and Europe:Size | Forecast | Trends | Risks | Opportunities Till 2025

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Key contents of the report include- • Market size and Forecast segmented by, Product (Flying car and Flying Taxi), Region (US and Europe)-Volume(Units) and Value($Million) • Market Dynamics(Trends, Drivers and Challenges) • Market share and competitive landscape of Flying car and Flying taxi manufacturers

We firmly believe the newer and interesting concepts of mobility like flying car and flying taxi can bring about a revolution. Yes, there is no denying the fact that there are a lot of hurdles to be overcome but let`s not forget that once even cars were a novelty for the rich.

Mobility Foresights announces the publication of a new syndicated report titled “Flying car and Flying Taxi market in US and Europe 2018-2025”

Scope of the report
This report details the present market and future prospects of flying car and flying taxi market in US and Europe 2018-2025.It discusses the market dynamics in detail and its impact on the market. It also presents the competitive landscape and an independent outlook on major companies (mostly start-ups) operating in this market. The scope of this report is limited to flying cars and flying taxi only and does not take into consideration commercial aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft included in General aviation. The period of study is 2018-2025, where the volumes and value are estimated for 2018 (based on pre- orders) and forecasted for 2019-2025.

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The worldwide loss of productive man hours due to increased road congestion has become a major cause of concern for employees, enterprises, government bodies and environment protection bodies alike. Although improved digitisation by courtesy of smartphones has strengthened the cause of ride hailing and car sharing services, they are still a long time away from being called an effective long term sustainable mobility solution. This has made innovative brains around the world to look to sky in a bid to fight this growing and long standing menace of what we call traffic. Whether it will bear any fruit or not, we will see further in the report.

Market Size and Forecast
US and Europe is characterized by a number of inhabitants belonging to the category of early technology adopters and richest individuals on this planet. The light aircraft market is heavily concentrated in US and Europe, making up for close to 60% of the global market. Although the share of Asia has been growing of late along with Latin America, its nowhere close to that of these matured economies. This is one of the major reasons why flying car and flying taxi manufacturers are targeting this region.
Up until this point, the possibility of an individual flying machine has been constrained to small aircrafts and helicopters, both have a high procurement and maintenance cost, accordingly restricting its ownership to a chosen few. The helicopters have long been the favourite mode of air transportation of high net worth individuals as well as military due to their versatility in operation. Therefore, if the concept of flying car has to be successful, then its acceptance has to go beyond that of helicopter and lighter compact aircraft.

Market Dynamics
This increased interest in autonomous vehicles is fuelling interest for autonomous flying car and flying taxi as well. This is understandable since, once the autonomous technologies are proved to be safe and reliable in real world, they would enter mass production which will bring down the cost of the major components. Dubai is one city which is embracing the idea of autonomous vehicles faster than even US and Europe. It has plans to make 25% of its public transport autonomous by 2030 and it is following its target very keenly. Dubai will deploy a fleet of autonomous police cars by the end of 2017 and flying taxis early next year. In both the cases the technology would be sourced from either US or Europe.

We firmly believe the newer and interesting concepts of mobility like flying car and flying taxi can bring about a revolution. Yes, there is no denying the fact that there are a lot of hurdles which needs to be overcome to make them a reality but let`s not forget that once even cars were a novelty for rich and look where they are now. It`s all just a matter of time and persistence in efforts.

Companies mentioned in the report-
Volocopter GmbH
PAL-V International B.V.
Aeromobil s.r.o
Terrafugia Corportation
Moller International
Urban Aeronautics
Carplane Gmbh
Samson Motorworks
Joby Aviation
Lilum GmbH
Airbus Ventures-A^3

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