Joining a New, Exclusive Online List Helps Truck Accident Attorneys Attract New Clients

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David Nissenberg, a San Diego attorney with over 50 years of experience in cases involving trucks and tractor-trailers and the author of The Law of Commercial Trucking: Damages to Persons and Property (3d ed.) published by LexisNexis, is compiling a list that will include 5 top truck accident attorneys in each state. The list, paired with a robust marketing strategy, should increase a truck accident law firm’s success in attracting new clients.

David Nissenberg is thrilled to announce his new endeavor, The Author’s List of Preferred Truck Accident Attorneys. The Author’s List of Preferred Truck Accident Attorneys at is intended to be an exclusive online website for truck accident attorneys who are looking to increase their law firm’s success in bringing in new clients. Efforts are now starting to fill the list which will accommodate 5 law firms per state and the District of Columbia. Truck accident attorneys who are interested in being placed on the list should visit

When prospective clients are involved in a catastrophic accident involving a truck or big rig, they will likely turn to the internet to search for the right law firm. For truck accident attorneys, the competition is heavy, and marketing efforts to be placed on page one of Google can become expensive. When this happens, it can be hard for a law firm to gain exposure and attract potential clients. The Author’s List of Preferred Truck Accident Attorneys is the perfect solution; it provides an opportunity to be placed on a list that features five truck accident law firms and attorneys per state at a very nominal rate.

Psychologists tell us that making choices from a list can be irresistible, particularly when a person is faced with too many choices. There is a strong suggestive power to a list which essentially convinces the user that there is nothing left to do but choose from the list. Furthermore, the law firms on the list will have their websites linked to the list and will also be able to display on their websites a stunning Preferred Truck Accident Attorney logo which will set them apart in a prospective client’s eyes from their competitors.

The practice area known as truck accident litigation did not exist until David Nissenberg, in 1996, began traveling throughout the country presenting his 4 hour CLE seminar titled “ Truck Accident Litigation In A Nutshell “. In an eleven year period, it was given over 300 times in 125 different cities. Among many “firsts” in this area of practice, he and four other San Diego trial attorneys in 1998 started the very first law firm dedicated totally to representing persons injured or the estates of persons killed in catastrophic truck accidents. Now, he is embarking on another “first”, that being the Author’s List which is a new format for attorney marketing, one that he envisions as being the “go-to” place for prospective clients seeking representation in catastrophic truck accidents.

So how is this list beneficial for truck accident attorneys? When clients are involved in an accident, they are going to search for an attorney. A short, exclusive list of preferred truck accident attorneys is going to make a client's search more simple and efficient. The states on the list that have truck accident attorneys will have concentrated marketing on major search engines like Google, and social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, a premier marketing team will place Pay Per Click Ads, Retargeting Ads, and Social Targeting Ads on the list to increase the amount of exposure it receives. All of these efforts will make the list easily accessible for the general public to search for an experienced truck accident attorney.

A rule of thumb in any marketing endeavor is to never fall behind one’s competitors. This author’s list is on the cutting edge of attorney marketing. Since it is new it is expected that it will take some to be filled, however, David Nissenberg believes that a point will be reached sooner than later when attorneys will be fighting for spots on this list.

About The Author’s List of Preferred Truck Accident Attorneys:
The Author’s List of Preferred Truck Accident Attorneys at is a website that features a list of five preferred truck accident attorneys from each state and the District of Columbia for the consideration of those involved in a truck or commercial vehicle accident.. Joining the list is an effective way for truck accident attorneys to maximize their law firm’s chances of attracting new clients.

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