Authentic Manhood Leads To Authentic Fatherhood: Ida R. Muorie, the Author of "Foster Care In-Laws" Launches a Global Campaign "Authentic Fatherhood" to Empower Fathers

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Young men need navigators, a compass, a solid role model or direction to begin this journey or we will continue to create a fatherless epidemic in our country. "Foster Care In-Law's" is one of the most urgent and compelling books in 2018 says Eleanor Starks Beasley, founder of 100 Black Women of Funeral Service.

Authentic Manhood leads to Authentic Fatherhood Ida R. Muorie, Author of "Foster Care in-Laws"

Ida R Muorie, JD steps out of her comfort zone as a seasoned Financial Executive and the Host of the famous internet talk show - Sportsmavericks with Ida Muorie on the Voice America Network to sound the alarm on America's biggest Human Rights issue, the Epidemic of Fatherlessness in America. Muorie tells her personal story in a new book entitled "Foster Care In-Laws," The book is available on Amazon Books.

On a recent radio program, G's Power Hour Live NHISG Entertainment in Orlando, Florida, Ms Muorie hit an emotional core with the audience, when she talked about a Foster Care system in America that separated a family for over 17 years, because of their inability to care for a child's safety. She spoke tirelessly for Americans to heed the consequences of fatherlessness in America like poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, physical and emotional harm, low education and achievement, violent crimes, sexual activity and teen pregnancies and rapes. She asked the public to visit websites like The National Center for Fathers to acquaint themselves with on-going fatherless studies.

Muorie, in her own learning, attributes the growing epidemic of fatherlessness to a core loss of seven generations in America: First, the victims of 500 years of slavery that began in 1492 without reparation; Second, 255 years of American Indian Genocide, which President Obama apologized for in 2009; Third, 242 years of Warmongering since the Revolutionary War; Fourth, 217 years of "Black Code" and Jim Crow Laws that permeated through Southern Court Systems - separate but not equal; Fifth, 100 years of Institutionalizing Children in a Foster Care System; Sixth,147 Years of Voter's Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, poll taxes, ID, literacy, comprehension, residency and inactivity, which left some poor communities without a voice or no voice; Seventh, the use of the illegal system of Gerrymandering to reconstruct Congressional district for the rich, which in fact depressed job growth for the poor and prevented fair access to our Government. This fact alone Muorie says led to 50 years of Employment Segregation (1900-1950); 64 years of Civil Rights Violations and Discrimination that restricted employment opportunities for minorities and access; 25 years of wage discrimination after Fair Labor Standard Act was passed in 1938;

Looking back at the growth of Fatherlessness in America, Muorie recalls President Nixon and the Vietnam War effort. According to Muorie, President Nixon's campaign in the 1960's targeted hippies for Marijuana and Blacks for Heroin use when he declared his "war on drugs" as his main campaign slogan. He made it illegal to be against the Vietnam War, and he criminalized the use of drugs to disrupt black communities. This led to raiding homes, breaking up protest meetings and vilifying groups of people, and illegally taking children out of families and putting them into Foster Care and eventually up for adoption. She said, the earlier you entered the Foster Care system, the longer you stayed; and the more family placements you had, the more unlikely you would be adopted. She said that as the drug war raged on for twenty years, so did the plight of children in Foster Care System in America.

Muorie points out that unlike Nixon era, the "Crack Explosion of the 1980's," was met with zero tolerance and maximum incarcerations. She believe that then President Bill Clinton regrettably made it worse when he passed the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that imposed harsher sentences for a three time offender. This law had a direct effect on children of drug users in the Foster Care System Muorie said. Then to reverse the damage that past laws had on the Foster Care System, Clinton passed The Adoption and Safe Families Act in 1997.

I remember it well says Muorie. After twenty years of strife in the Foster Care system, the New York Times headlines of November 17, 1997, "Clinton to Approve Sweeping Shift in Adoption," sent shock waves through the minority community. The article announced that President Bill Clinton was prepared to sign into law new sweeping changes for adoption in the Foster Care system. The passage of these new legislation would marked a fundamental shift in child-welfare philosophy and enforcement. The system would move away from a presumption that everything should be done to reunite children with their birth parents, even if the parents have been abusive. The legislation would instead give more weight to the child's health and safety.

On November 19, 1997, The Adoption and Safe Families Act became law, and the debate began.on the racial bias of minority children, says Muorie. WE saw the bias perceptions of the Nixon Administration put into law by mental proxy. Muorie said that instead of a goal of family unification, the law shifted too openly policing family's and exacting punitive actions on affected families and children. Muorie pointed out that with these sweeping changes came Rule 15/22, and a new hysteria. She states that the major provisions of the law requires that States move to terminate parental rights for children who have been in Foster Care for 15 out of the last 22 months. There are 3 exceptions to the rule: When the child is in a Foster Home with a biological relative (Kinship Care); When the Agency documents a compelling reason why parental termination is not in the Child's best interest; When the State has failed to provide services necessary for reunification. Muorie said that the subjective implementation of these new laws is probably what's wrong with the system today.

Fortunately and unfortunately, she believes that these broad sweeping exceptions ushered in a new economic incentive to foster children for Adoption, and caused a quasi-judicial court system to boomed with cases that challenged the subjectively of these laws and burden the system even further. Accordingly, Muorie believes that the law intended purpose of child's safety and welfare created a therapeutic community of neonatal drug users. She said that states would bend over backwards to do all they could to keep the mother and the child together by providing drug treatment, parental classes, job training resources, food, clothing and medical support, which created a therapeutic community of neonatal users, As a result, a dysfunctional mother could unwittingly manufacture children for the Foster Care System and the Adoption Initiative programs just to get these incentives and still fail to meet their reunification requirements and lose her children. This was evident to Muorie, when she encountered generations of neonatal users on her visits to the court house.

Muorie says that the Opioid Epidemic is ravaging the Foster Care system. Unlike the Crack Explosion in the 1980's that was met with zero tolerance and maximum incarceration, black and brown children suffered quietly through their emotional and social trauma... Today, the Opioid Addiction has been elevated to a "Health Crisis," and has claimed over 700,000 lives since 1999 according to Federal Statistics. Today this crisis is reshaping America;s landscapes as rural, mining and those living in rust-belts are being hit hard by this epidemic. Muorie goes on to say that the Foster Care System is flooded with children of Opioid Abuse parents, and many states are overwhelmed and running out of money. She points to 2015 Child Welfare Statistics that estimated that there were 427,910 children that were in Foster Care; 269,509 that entered Foster Care and 243,060 that exited. She called that "a revolving door."

Muorie explains that there is a bleak future for kids who grow up in the Foster Care system. Many fall through the cracks and mature out of the Foster Care System and find themselves homeless within one year. Many mature to the criminal justice system or a life of minimum wage jobs with nothing but a GED. These youth are more likely to have drug/alcohol problems and less likely to graduate high school or college. Many have no connection to their biological families and find themselves 17 years later looking for them with little success.

Through Muorie's book "Foster Care In-Laws," she advocates for the voice of the Father that is missing in all these tragic stories. She launches a new Campaign called "Authentic Fatherhood," to bring attention to states and the federal government, that they are not doing enough to empower our young men in America to be authentic fathers. She has launch this movement on social media, and you can join her in her Facebook page forum entitled "Year Of the Father 2018."

In this book, Muorie gives a clarion call to the "Right To Life," organizations, "Do not just focus on a child from every stage of conception, but extend your rallying cry for the rights of the child to have a permanent home and authentic fathers." She also calls out maternal and paternal families to not stand idly by and let the state and federal government dictate the legacy of your family and the development of your child or a relative's child. She urges biological families to stand up and speak-up for authentic fatherhood. She continues to provide conflict resolution guidance to family's beset with the problems of the Foster Care System.

Muorie says that her new campaign "Authentic Fatherhood" has launched a new and exciting movement globally, that have allowed her to connect with fathers all over the world, who are willing to share their foster care stories. You can send your story to her email at Fostercarein-aws(at)gmx(dot)com with your comment She promises to read all submissions and comment., She might even asked you for your permission to post your story on her member-only facebook" forum if you desire. If you are interested in Ida R Muorie speaking to your community group or at a government forum, please call Deborah at PR (407) 602-8383, and leave your request. Please also inquire about ways you can promote "Authentic Fatherhood" in your state or how you can introduce the concept of "Authentic Fatherhood" to your state or federal legislatures...

Muorie believed that after writing Foster Care In-Laws, she has finally discovered what it really takes to protect the integrity of family's in America. . She repeats constantly that "Authentic Manhood leads to Authentic Fatherhood." Muorie says, "America's Super Power lies in its diversity and its strength as a family as a unit." Muorie describes Authentic Fatherhood as a phenomenon that has not been focused on by the Foster Care system, and may be a missing link. Muorie says that "Authentic is a man's strength, truth and love; and his ability to grow and mature responsibly. Fatherhood is his blessings."

Muorie calls on the Federal and State Governments to stop funding budget's blindly, but to build more family support programs for all fathers that come through Child Welfare System. Muorie invites you to join the movement by visiting Amazon books and purchasing "Foster Care In-Laws" for $2.99 in digital form. Muorie urges you to leave a review, it will help Muorie in her future research. Remember your review will automatically enter you into a drawing for a new Apple Ipad by June 17, 2018 for Father's Day. . Only one winner will be chosen by the Board of Foster Care In-Laws for the "best review."

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