Tern Water Announces Important New Findings From their "Know Your Water" Testing Service

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Since launching the "Know Your Water" Testing Service in October, Tern Water has identified some significant results from home water testing conducted across 7 states.

Findings from the first few months of Know Your Water home water testing include:

●     Over 60% of all the water tests had chromium-6 in the water which was one of the biggest surprises, as most states still don't even test for chromium-6, and it's considered a very harmful chemical
●    Approximately 15% of users had risky levels of Chlorine, while 25% had cautious levels.
●    40% of tests showed high levels of Fluoride, and 15% showed higher levels than the US federal guidelines suggest
●    90% of all tests conducted had at least one contaminant that is risky
●    Neighborhoods like Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA that we originally assumed would have the best water, also showed some high levels for Hardness, Chlorine, and Chromium-6

"Through even these first few months of testing, we've confirmed that even good neighborhoods may have bad water," said Tern CEO and Founder, Mohamed Zerban. "A few tests helped us quickly determine how important Know Your Water could be. Water samples from just a street apart are reporting differences with Chlorine, Lead, and Chromium levels due to their building's infrastructure. Though some differences are more critical than others, it goes to show the importance of direct at the source water testing to understand a home's potential water problems and how to fix them preemptively. With the launch of Know Your Water, Tern Water wants to empower people to understand what's in their water and how they can make it better."

Know Your Water is currently available for sale from ternwater.com for $25 and tests for PH, TDS, Hardness, Fluoride, Chromium-6, Lead, and Chlorine. All tests are done with lab certified equipment, and fully trained engineers. Ongoing validation of all lab equipment is conducted on a regular basis to guarantee accuracy. Anyone interested in conducting tests for other contaminants should contact info@ternwater.com

Chromium 6, made famous in the film Erin Brokovich, is known to cause cancer in animals and humans. High levels of chlorine, can lead to cancer if trihalmethazine and haloacetic acids form. THM's have been linked to breast and bladder cancer, nervous system damage and miscarriages. Even low levels of lead in the blood of children can result in behavior and learning problems, lower IQ and hyperactivity, slowed growth, hearing problems and anemia. In adults, it can cause kidney damage and high blood pressure

CEO Zerban founded Tern based on the belief "that a healthy, smart and sustainable water supply is something people should have direct and easy access to at all times. Growing up in Egypt, and studying in Philadelphia, I realized that contaminated water is affecting different places all over the world. Eager to learn more, I worked in different municipalities in the US and discovered the importance of developing products and services at the point of use to ensure people don't get harmed by problems associated with the infrastructure. As a result, I started Tern Water with the aim of empowering users by providing them with the information and tools they need to ensure the water they use for themselves and their families is healthy and sustainable."

About Tern Water and Know Your Water Testing Service

Description of Service
●    User orders 'KYW' test capsule from the Tern Water website or retail partner
●    User fills two 50ml capsules (included in the 'KYW" packaging) of their tap water for testing
●    User secures the capsules in the 'KYW' packaging and places it in a stand USPS mailbox
●    Tern Water tests the water samples for pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Chlorine, Chromium, Fluoride, Hardness, and Lead.
●    Tern Water enters the water data into our database and produces a personalized water report including details of the test and recommendations for improving quality.
●    Tern Water sends a PDF of the water report to the user and is available to answer any questions about the test the user may have if desired.
●    All tests are done with lab certified equipment, and fully trained engineers. Ongoing validation of all lab equipment is conducted on a regular basis to guarantee accuracy.

Cost of Service

Tern Water Mission

Water is humanity's most important resource. Our civilization has been built on the foundation of access to clean drinking water. At Tern Water, we believe it's our duty to reconnect users with their water source, in order to bring water into the modern age through modular, consumer electronics providing users with smart, sustainable, and healthy water.

Core Tern Team

Mohamed Zerban - CEO & Founder

Jon Colosimo - Engineering Director

For further information and questions, please contact Lisa@ternwater.com or info@ternwater.com.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tern
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TernWater
Instagram : @TernWater
Twitter : @TernWater

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