New Book Explores an Alternate 2016 Where Ted Bundy Is Running for President

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A recently released alternate history novel explores a world where the serial killer Ted Bundy was never apprehended and is a candidate in the American 2016 presidential election

The Usurper King, a recently release novel by author Zeb Haradon, explores an alternate history where the serial killer Ted Bundy was never apprehended and instead pursued a career in politics. In the alternate timeline laid out in the book, Bundy gave up murder in 1975 after an injury sustained during one of his murders. Successfully hiding his crimes, he then becomes a Utah state senator, then governor of Utah for four terms, and is running for president of The United States in the 2016 election. The story begins just before Super Tuesday 2016 and continues through election day and its aftermath.

The Usurper King also features a game show called ‘guts!’, where contestants competitively predict the future by reading animal entrails. Two of the game show contestants, Jim and Nick, discover hints of Bundy’s murderous past, as well as foreboding omens about his future political successes and the consequences. Though adversaries on the game show, the two contestants work together to stop Bundy’s ascent to power.

The book draws inspiration from the fact that during Ted Bundy’s actual life, he was very politically active. He served as a delegate for Nelson Rockefeller in the 1968 presidential election, later served as assistant to the head of the Republican Party in Washington State, and got into law school with a letter of recommendation from Washington Governor Daniel J. Evans. Many of his colleagues felt that he would have continued on in politics if not for the discovery that he was a serial killer.

The novel spans the genres of alternate history, political thriller, magical realism, horror, and comedy, and borrows its narrative structure from the 4,000 year old poem The Epic Of Gilgamesh. Author Zeb Haradon says “As in Gilgamesh, The Usurper King features two enemies who become friends who set out to defeat a monster (Bundy), with their adventure mirroring that of the ancient characters Gilgamesh and Enkidu.”

Reviews have been positive, with some reviewers noting the similarity between the world of the novel and the current political environment.

The book is available on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon at

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