Automatic Fitness Plus APP Adapts to People’s Lifestyles, Gently Supports Them Reaching Their Health & Fitness Goals

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With four decades of health and fitness wisdom behind it, the Automatic Fitness Plus APP is the only program to focus on the three key elements to health: Cardio conditioning, Nutrition, and Resistance training.

When I learned of Automatic Fitness Plus, I immediately thought it was genius," says James Dwight M.D., a family practitioner in Porterville, CA. "For my patients, it is like having a trainer in the palm of their hand."

Fitness expert and former world-class body builder Leo Costa Jr. has dedicated the past 37 years of his life to mastering his own physical fitness and teaching others how to do the same. Now Costa is making this vast knowledge available via an intuitive and highly supportive APP and website.

Automatic Fitness Plus APP, an online training system that can be adapted to the individual goals of each user, is the culmination of four decades of personal experience and extensive physiological research by Costa. The self-assisted program revolves around three elements: Nutrition, Cardio Conditioning, and Resistance Training and can be used safely and effectively by people anywhere in the world. Automatic Fitness Plus (AFP) is a training program which automatically manipulates these elements responsible for achieving maximum health and fitness results based on the daily, on-going feedback each individual user provides.

“I have put thousands of patients on diet and exercise regimens, but the challenge is always having them continue beyond just a month or two “ says James Dwight, M.D., a family practitioner in Porterville, California. “When I learned of Automatic Fitness Plus, I immediately thought it was genius because it is completely user friendly and produces automatic results by adjusting the key components responsible for changing the body in the most efficient ways. For my patients, it is like having a trainer in the palm of their hand because the system is geared to each individual and constantly adapts along the way for long term usage and life changing effects.”

According to Costa, the secret sauce of AFP is the boosting cycles: Rev, Throttle and Idle, which is a designated time frame that manipulates implemented components within Nutrition, Cardio and Resistance training to minimize plateaus and facilitate optimal health and fitness results. Each boosting cycle varies from two to four weeks. The human body works in 21 day cycles and Costa has learned over the years how to realize the maximum potential of the human body by consciously manipulating the key components.

AFP participants can focus on one, two or all three elements and see results. The training system is specifically designed to be lifestyle friendly and automatically adjust according to each person’s individual goals and objectives. Participants can monitor their progress and results with a personal dashboard to track body weight, inches, workouts, calories burned, calories consumed and more. Daily alerts/emails outline activities and the overall training plan to follow. AFP users check in to verify the completion of activities and interact with AFP health and fitness experts via chat 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The staff is very responsive to questions and skilled at keeping participants on track.

AFP meal plans are personalized and meticulously designed with the goal of creating an eating strategy that participants will want to stay with forever. The primary function of cardio conditioning is to reduce fat, in addition eliminating lactic acid buildup as a result of resistance training exercises, which enhances recovery for upcoming workouts. And the primary function of resistance training is to tone or add lean muscle, in addition improve metabolism function along with enhancing the body's ability for quicker recovery from workouts.

“The truth is that most diets and fitness regimens do not work over long periods of time,” adds Costa, a former star athlete turned professional bodybuilder after a football career ending injury in 1976. “The majority of fitness information available is ‘fractured’ and even most fitness trainers are left on their own to try and patch it all together. Automatic Fitness Plus provides the necessary integration and has the technological ability to factor in each person’s own physical abilities and lifestyle needs.”
Inspired by competitive bodybuilding and fitness icons like Vince Gironda (aka The Iron Guru), Jack LaLanne, Tom Platz and Pax Beale, all of Leo Costa Jr.’s work and public service is geared towards teaching and educating individuals, helping them reach their full potential while striving to become a better version of themselves.
Every part of the system can be modified as needed to fit the lifestyles of participants and have them feel empowered and excited, from the novice to the most elite athlete. Designed to work in harmony with the natural rhythm of human physiology and produce immediate and sustained results, Automatic Fitness Plus APP monthly subscriptions range from US $45.00 to $65.00 and include a money back guarantee. For more information and/or to subscribe, visit

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About Leo Costa, Jr.
When Leo Costa Jr. was eight years old, growing up on his family’s dairy farm in Central California, he began dreaming of being a professional football player. Costa was a star athlete in multiple sports in high school and received a college football scholarship to bring him that much closer to realizing his boyhood dream. And then a single play during one college game changed the course of his life in an instant and forever. A few years later, he became seriously hooked on maximizing the performance and potential of his body through weight lifting and nutrition. His pure passion for the sport of body building led him to work with celebrities, participate in posing expositions around the world, personally train many other men and women, and be awarded Mr. USA by the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association. Ultimately, Costa believes that the masterpiece of his career to date is creating the Automatic Fitness Plus system and APP.

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