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Author M.V.K. Mohan brings a logical approach to exploring the unknown

Life is full of inexplicable questions and ambiguous mysteries. M.V.K. Mohan believes that we can understand these uncertainties by examining the recognizable with the law of correspondence. He explores these concepts with “Extrapolating the Unknown: A Unified View of Spirituality.”

Many of the arguments presented in “Extrapolating the Unknown” are based on the law of correspondence—as above so below—in order to study what is unclear. Mohan breaks down mystifying concepts and unsolved human beliefs, and investigates their essential make up. Using proven and accepted scientific facts, he speculates some of life’s greatest questions and asserts the connection between various levels of reality.

“Everything we think of as a living thing can be broken down into smaller living things,” Mohan said. “The same concept can be applied in the opposite direction. A tree is made up of leaves, the leaves can be extrapolated into their building blocks. It can also be said that the tree is part of the forest and the forest is a segment of the earth. The higher up we go on that ladder the closer we get to the source.”

Mohan explores intriguing concepts, including spirituality, religion death, time, desire and life, with the aim of unifying these seemingly autonomous themes. The book features answers to fundamental questions about life and sets readers on a path to spiritual enlightenment.

“Mohan’s writing is both playful and curious in tone. It jumps from topics like the life states of river and mountains to the those of robots, patriotism and warfare. Extrapolating the Unknown is an insightful work of spirituality that is simultaneously serious and dreamy,” said one Clarion reviewer.

“An intriguing work that blends scientific theories and New Age spiritualism,” said one Kirkus reviewer

“Extrapolating the Unknown: A Unified View of Spirituality”
By M.V.K. Mohan
ISBN: 9781543741414 (softcover)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Partridge Publishing

About the author
M.V.K. Mohan is a certified Reiki grandmaster and follower of the Shaktipath tradition of Kundalini Yoga. He also studies and speaks on religious texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita. Mohan was challenged to explore his spiritual musings through the written word. He meets that challenge with “Extrapolating the Unknown.” He currently resides in Singapore.

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