Caesar Rondina Announces Three Upcoming Book Releases for 2018

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Caesar Rondina writes three books scheduled for release in 2018. Within these books, Caesar Rondina demonstrates his ability to write in different genres with his unique style.

2018 Book Trailer Review

Quotes by I.B.R.: * “This could be the most controversial book in 2018.” ** “It would be surprising if this book wasn’t made into a movie. ”*** “An excellent book for those who deal with anger. The Author did an excellent job of writing this in plain and easy to understand English.”

Caesar Rondina writes three books scheduled for release in 2018. Within these books, Caesar Rondina demonstrates his ability to write in different genres with "his" unique style. The first release scheduled for mid-April is a non-fiction writing titled, “Making Partnership Choices.” * It speaks to why relationships succeed, fail, and why we make bad partnership choices. Why so many go back to a volatile relationship. A humorous history and some fun facts are also included. The key point is how can we fix these behaviors? As Caesar Rondina states, “It’s not always someone’s fault.” Once the reader identifies all the reasons, especially those they have no idea exist, fixing it will be easier. With over 800 hours of research derived from court cases, marriage counselors, patient interviews, and over 30 years of real-world experience working in the prehospital healthcare field, Caesar Rondina comments, “If I haven’t seen it, it hasn’t happened yet.” Caesar Rondina expresses the hard cold truth and reality on these topics in a unique, and at times, humorous way. The stories are all true. Real people in real situations. Caesar Rondina adds, “You can’t write about truth and reality without telling the truth and presenting reality in its truest form. Each of us has experienced many of these issues. This book holds something for everyone at any age or gender. Every reader will connect with it.” Caesar Rondina adds, “Writing is a personal connection between the writer and the reader. The topic should be presented in such a manner that everyone can understand it.”

The second writing scheduled for a mid-July release is a fiction based murder mystery book titled, “Life Through A Mirror.” ** This is the first of what will be a continuing saga revolving around the two main characters Allie and David. A book about their past and present. It involves murder, mystery, suspense, romance, and family. You will feel part of the tangled web that their past has woven. Caesar Rondina explains, “It is impossible not to develop a connection with Allie and David. While writing this book I found myself completely engulfed in the story.” All the events in this book are based on how real cases are solved. Caesar Rondina has experienced real crime scene investigations and murder trials that he has testified at. All this has been incorporated into this book. This is a story that can actually be real. That is where the key connection is established. Caesar Rondina adds, “Allie and David will walk every reader down many paths that twist and turn as they try to overcome all the obstacles they encounter while capturing the heart of every reader during the process.”

The final release for 2018 is “The Warrior Within.” *** This is a hard look the reality of anger. The hidden emotion that lies deep inside every individual. How does it come it and what brings it out? How do we control it and can we control it? The cause and effects are all discussed in a real-world sense. True stories about suicide, life-altering problems anger issues bring to life, family, and a relationship. Caesar Rondina explains, “The way this book is presented, the reader will be looking at themselves without realizing its happening. Not in a negative way, but in a positive way. Any change for the good is always positive.” He added, “Anger is the key emotion that builds up over time until it explodes.” This book is the key that will unlock the secrets behind that door. Help stop or greatly reduce the anger that often times results in possible loss of life. Saving a life while there is still hope. In the process, many other lives may be saved. Caesar Rondina explains, "Helping people is often not difficult. People will listen if someone first gives them a chance to speak.” This book will open the eyes of those that go through life with them shut. (Please note, *, **, and *** refer to the book review quotes respectively. I.B.R. stands for Independent Book Review.)

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