Entrex Capital Market launches its Blockchain Ticker

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Entrex’s Blockchain Ticker paves the way for private securities trading.

Entrex Capital Market, Inc. is proud to announce it launched its TIGRcub blockchain ticker as the first industry standardized tool for financial professionals focused on $5-250 million in annual revenues “entrepreneurial sector”. (http://www.EntrexCapitalMarket.com).

“Entrex’s Blockchain ticker includes both the blockchain order trades of our TIGRcub securities -- but even more interesting to the trading community will be the tokenization of the investor’s KYC/AML -- needed in any regulated trading transaction” said Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of the Entrex Capital Market.

“Today Wall Street tickers show investors on just about every news channel the activity of the very few actively traded public companies…. Entrex’s ticker is designed to provide trading professionals access to the 500,000 cash-flowing companies which are the economic and employment engine of nations” continued Watkins.

“The Ticker tracks both the trades of entrepreneurial companies but equally important provide investor’s AML/KYC information in a congruent data platform providing trading professionals an easy and complete mechanism to effect efficient trades of private securities – while managing regulatory requirements.”

“It has been an exciting start to the year – the Entrex Market Index (http://www.EntrexMarketIndex.com) the composite index of the Entrex Capital Market -- produced a 12.19%** return for investors in 2017 with first secondary trades in the works this quarter” said Watkins.

Founded to create a “Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Companies,” Entrex licenses its patented TIGRcub® securitization process to cash-flowing companies with $5-250 million annual revenue. This process, along with Entrex’s technology platform, streamlining the process by which company issuers, brokers, and investors access capital, sell capital investments, and invest in fixed-income alternative yield products, respectively.

Working together with tZERO.com, Overstock.com’s blockchain-based securities trading subsidiary, we offer $10,000 TIGRcub® certificates, which are tradable after a one-year hold via its eChain. Individual investors can now find, research, track, manage and trade TIGRcubs®, creating a capital market ecosystem for the entrepreneurial sector*.

This press release is neither a recommendation to buy or to sell securities, nor an offer to buy or sell securities.

ABOUT ENTREX: Entrex was founded as a “Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Companies”, We facilitate companies’ access to capital, across a Financial and Regulatory technology ecosystem which has provided compliance solutions & transparency for investors. The Entrex ecosystem supports regulated entities and the clients they serve capital access, for cash-flowing companies with $5-250 million annual revenue, via the patented and tradable, revenue enhanced TIGRcub® security. The Initial TIGRcub® Offering process allows broker/dealers to structure securities that simplify investing in this underserved sector of companies while presenting clients the potential for enhanced monthly yield through revenue participation. Through our ecosystem Entrex provides a capital market system for entrepreneurs and their broker/dealers to find, research, track, manage, and trade TIGRcub® Securities.

  • TIGRcubs® are private securities, tradable leveraging the Entrex eChain and tZERO.com blockchain technologies, subject to federal, state and local regulations. They are not traded publicly and are subject to holding period requirements prior to secondary trading. They are only intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment and are capable of assessing the risks of investing in TIGRcubs®. Investing in TIGRcubs® is subject to various risks that should be taken into consideration, such as (but not limited to) market risk, liquidity risk, and risk of default. This document is not intended as a solicitation or offer to sell TIGRcubs®. Entrex Market Index, LLC, Entrex Capital Market, Inc., Entrex eChain LLC, and any affiliates (collectively, “Entrex”) do not purport to and do not, in any fashion, provide tax, accounting, actuarial, recordkeeping, legal, or any related services. Entrex is not an investment adviser, and is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state regulator. Entrex is not a registered broker-dealer and is not regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA). You should consult your advisors with respect to these areas and the material presented herein. You may not rely on the material contained herein.

**The annualized average rate of return is based on TIGRcubs® issued since January 2017. An investor should not rely on past performance as an indication of future performance. TIGRcub® values and returns will fluctuate

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