On The Road Creative Offers Remote and Traveling Website Development and Marketing Teams

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New agency offers remote development and marketing teams to work on projects virtually or temporarily onsite as needed.

Website Development and Marketing Teams

Remote and Traveling Website Development and Marketing

Everyone jokes about wasting time at work and pointless meetings, but how many companies are looking for solutions?

A new trend is hitting the street, literally. The days of CEO’s sitting behind a big mahogany desk while admiring a skyline view are in the past. Thanks to technology, today’s entrepreneurs are more likely to work from their couch than from a corner office. Realizing this trend, On the Road Creative decided to create a fully remote website development and marketing agency that can work from anywhere, anytime.

“Flexible hours and remote work options are more important than salary to most of my colleagues, the idea of being a part of a rat race doesn’t appeal anymore, and people value their personal life and autonomy over climbing some corporate ladder,” said Steve Krzysiak, Co-Founder of On the Road Creative. “I have also seen that when you give people the freedom to work from home, the result is more productivity.”

Several recent studies have reported that working in an office is less than ideal for several reasons. Not only does the physical environment stifle creativity, but simply the act of being in an office can be a distraction. From the small talk in the kitchen to the conference room birthday cake, many offices are filled with daily obligations that hinder productivity. Even more modern offices, with candy dispensers and bean bag workstations, don’t offer the privacy and freedom you get from working remotely.

“We are an agile company, so we generally work in what are called sprints. In a traditional office, it’s almost impossible to work a sprint without some kind of interruption,” noted Steve Krzysiak. “Everyone jokes about wasting time at work and pointless meetings, but how many companies are looking for solutions?”

According to a recent article in Forbes, an overwhelming 91% of workers surveyed said that they were more productive when they worked from home. They also reported being happier, feeling more valued, and felt they had a clearer understanding of their job objectives. So, if this is all true, then why are companies so reluctant to allow workers to work from home? It comes down to a perception that time equals productivity, but we all know that can be a logical fallacy. Just because an employee is sitting at their desk does not mean any work is actually being done. In fact, studies have shown that less is actually getting done. So, what if instead of hours worked the employee was given deliverables that needed to be met each week? How many employees would browse the internet if they knew they could go home once their tasks were completed? How many employees would be looking for another job if they were offered a perk like that? It’s time to change the way we think about how our companies are structured and move away from the factory model.

On the Road Creative is a fully remote web development and internet marketing company that offers remote work as well as onsite consulting. The founders of the company live on the road full-time and work with a remote team of freelancers to provide creative and manageable websites for businesses of all sizes. Growing larger every day, On the Road Creative is dedicated to offering incredible services by a fully remote team and promoting the benefits of remote work options. For more information, visit http://www.ontheroadcreative.com.

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