Au Natural Organics Launches Organic Skincare Products to Rejuvenate and Repair Winter Damaged Skin and Hair

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The organic skincare company’s extensive line of wild harvested, ethically sourced, 100% organic products includes Batana oil, Palo Santo and Copaiba oil, Palo Santo Hydrosol, Milk Thistle, Onion, Mamey Zapote, Argan Opuntia, Oat Oil, Barbary Fig (Prickly Pear oil) and Laurel Berry. There is no charge for shipping on orders over $75.

Au Natural Organics’ oils, blends and oil-based products are unique, of the highest quality and not sold under any other label.

To repair the damage done by the harsh winter weather, the online retailer Au Natural Organics has sourced the finest raw ingredients for their products from organic farmers around the world. From every corner of the earth, these 100% organic ingredients are then shipped to Tunisia, South Africa and France to be extracted into luxurious oils. Au Natural Organics’ oils, blends and oil-based products are unique, of the highest quality and not sold under any other label.

All of Au Natural Organics’ products do not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives or chemicals. They come packaged in amber and Miron violet glass which helps preserve their integrity by blocking out light. The following Au Natural Organics products help rejuvenate damaged hair and skin:

  • Batana Oil - is known for helping to treat damaged and dry hair, and help with hair loss. It also can help add volume and tame ‘fuzzy’ hair. 3.4 oz MSRP $24.99
  • Palo Santo and Copaiba oil – together these essential oils can help with combination skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also helpful to rejuvenate dry, cracked and chapped skin. 1.7 oz MSRP $24.99
  • Palo Santo Hydrosol – known as “Holy Wood”, Palo Santo is produced from the bark of the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador. It’s considered a spiritual oil and is used in ways similar to incense to purify and remove negative energies. 3.4 oz MSRP $21.99
  • Milk Thistle Seed Oil - is good for both the skin, and has a history of being used to help with liver function. It’s rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, sterols and vitamin E. 3.4 oz MSRP $21.99
  • Onion Seed Oil - used in skin and hair care products due to its high essential fatty acid, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant content. It’s rich with Vitamin C, B6, folic acid and is high in oleic and linoleic acids. Use it as a cleanser for oily or sensitive skin, or for hair care to help rejuvenate hair and scalp. 1.7 oz MSRP $24.99
  • Mamey Sapote Oil - is rich with vitamin B6 and vitamin E. It’s a natural way to increase skin moisture and elasticity. It also helps naturally moisturize the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. 3.4 oz MSRP $21.99
  • Argan Opuntia Macera Oil - an infusion of plant parts in a selected oil. The cacti flowers are chopped up into small parts and added to the argan oil. It’s mixed together and left to macerate in sunlight for as long as needed. 3.4 oz MSRP $21.99
  • Oat Oil – helps nourish damaged, maturing and dry skin. It’s high in antioxidants and fatty acids and because of its eminency, it can penetrate the skin quickly to deliver nutrients. 3.4 oz MSRP $21.99
  • Barbary Fig (Prickly Pear oil) - Made by hand and sustainability sourced, this oil is one of nature’s most powerful anti-aging moisturizers that nourishes, protects and regenerates. High in skin loving essential carotene, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory elements. 1 oz MSRP $34.99

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