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Golden Phoenix Feng Shui to Offer Beginner’s Classes in Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysical Disciplines in Burlingame, CA, starting Spring 2018!

Janet Louie, proprietor and master practitioner at Golden Phoenix Feng Shui in San Francisco, CA, has announced that her firm will offer workshops in beginning level Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysical disciplines in Burlingame, CA. This will be ongoing every two months for 2018. Check the Golden Phoenix website ( for specific dates, time, and fee information, along with detailed course descriptions.

The new course offerings are part of a broader outreach by Mrs. Louie to a local and national audience of people interested in enriching their lives through the ancient wisdom of Chinese Astrology and Metaphysics. As part of this outreach, Mrs. Louie recently appeared on San Francisco public radio station KALW to discuss the Chinese Astrology for the New Year of the Dog. She was also a guest speaker at the well- attended “Grow Rich with BaZi” live conference held in Singapore in 2017. These appearances are in harmony with the numerous lectures and classes that she’s presented across the Bay Area in recent years.

Janet Louie is an expert in several Chinese Metaphysical disciplines. With her extensive knowledge in Classical Feng Shui, she has helped many clients with their problems. Classical Feng Shui seeks to maximize a person’s health, success, and personal happiness through the careful evaluation of landform and environmental features surrounding a home or business property. She is also a practitioner and teacher of Ze Ri, a method of date prediction that determines the optimum date for an event, undertaking or procedure; BaZi, a system of astrology that unveils a person’s destiny code based on the year, month, day, and time of birth; and BaZhai (8 mansions) a simple, popular system of Feng Shui used in Asia. She further consults on health and safety for home and business with respect to environmental factors such as electromagnetic field exposure, and is available for private one-on-one consultations with individuals and companies.

Golden Phoenix Feng Shui is a licensed reseller of online training programs produced by Joey Yap, a world-renowned expert in Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. Mr. Yap has brought success to countless people from all walks of life, ranging from prominent world figures to business leaders. He is the bestselling author of over 162 books in the field and is a recognized Master of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Mr. Yap’s intensive home study courses, available online, enable the student to understand and apply these complex disciplines through a results-oriented, real-world approach. Details about the Joey Yap online training programs can be found at the Golden Phoenix website resource page: Here the visitor will see a full listing of online home study courses, including such popular titles as “Real Feng Shui”, “Grow Rich with Bazi,” and “Feng Shui Excursion.” All courses can be purchased directly through the Golden Phoenix Feng Shui website.

Mrs. Louie is the editor of “The Firebird,” a free monthly newsletter on Chinese Metaphysics. In addition to news and reviews, readers of “The Firebird” can find out more about courses offered by Mrs. Louie or Joey Yap. Subscription sign-up is available on the Golden Phoenix Feng Shui website.

For Janet Louie, the timing is ideal to take her services to a wider audience. “I’m really dedicating myself to bringing these disciplines to the general public because we live in troubled times filled with doubt and worry. I know that the ancient wisdom governing Classical Feng Shui, BaZi, and other areas of Chinese Metaphysics can guide people to make the right decisions in life. It can also bring comfort, order, peace, and confidence to their lives. For thousands of years, these disciplines have helped people succeed in their lives, and my mission is to bring that success to the general public. That is why I’m doing this outreach to the broader community now,” said Mrs. Louie.

Golden Phoenix Feng Shui can be contacted at (415) 260-3873, and via email: janet(at)goldenphoenix-fengshui(dot)com

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