Kevin L. Walker Enables Actors, Comedians, and more to Use Cryptocurrency at The Creation Station Studios

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Kevin L. Walker Brings Cryptocurrency to Hollywood by Enabling Actors, Comedians, and more to Use Cryptocurrency at his Businesses

Kevin L. Walker talks cryptocurrency and The Creation Station Studios

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will revolutionize things as we know it. - Kevin L. Walker

Kevin L Walker is famously known for his roles on Vigilante Diaries, Pope, The Young and The Restless, and CSI: Miami, and for his inspiring words to fans, millennials, and entrepreneurs, across his 800,000+ social media following, Actor/Writer/Businessman/Entrepreneur Kevin L. Walker takes big step into the Cryptocurrency Market, announcing via Twitter ( that he is allowing customers to pay for services using cryptocurrency.

While most people, businesses, banks, and governments are still trying to understand its purpose, how it functions, and how to even consider implementing it in relation to our centralized currency, Walker recognizes the importance of cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

What Is 'Cryptocurrency'?

“Cryptocurrency” is a digital currency/asset which is designed to work as an decentralized medium of exchange. It uses cryptography techonology to secure and verify each individual transaction on the "blockchain." A main motive behind the cryptocurrency market is to create a decentralized digital cash system, that does not require the governance by a central entity.

I had the opportunity to speak with Walker regarding his announcement on March 21, informing fans and customers that he would enable the option for them to purchase services and products (Self Tape Video Audition Recording, Voice Over Audition Recording, Acting Classes, Coaching, Social Media Services, and more) using cryptocurrency such as, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash, with more to come. He shared his thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market and why he has chosen to enter the market.

1. The Cryptocurrency/Digital Asset Market

When I asked Walker on his thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market, Walker responded: “it is a highly volatile market that is still trying to figure itself out. Millennials seem to get it more than old timers. I think it's exciting to us Millennials, while it's probably very scary to the average person over 45 years of age. They're accustomed to a different financial structure and/or way of investing. You can gain or lose more in crypto most markets. Smart investing is essential. "

2. Keeping The Creation Station Studios Prepared, Trendy, and Forward Thinking

People from all walks of life, from mothers & fathers to the average guy on the street, people young & old, 90% of whom are probably good, decent law abiding citizens use cryptocurrency in the growing market, and prices continue to rise as the crypto ecosystem continues to grow and flourish.

Chris Kelley: "Why do you think it’s beneficial for individuals and businesses to consider entering into the cryptocurrency market?"

Kevin L. Walker: "Bitcoin has been around since approximately 2013. Since then its value has grown exponentially and several new generations of blockchain technology/cryptocurrency has been created. Bitcoin is simply a store of value, where as NEO, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, Ripple, NCash, and Ethereum offer things like smart contracts, decentralized applications, and even opportunity to earn passive income by 'Staking' certain coins. I think blockchain technology & cryptocurrency is here to stay."

3. The Future of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

Chris Kelley: What is your take on the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?

Kevin L. Walker: "I remember in 2013 people thought I was crazy for getting into producing and distributing/streaming online digital content, when i was involved with the shows Retail, The Cost of Living, and Vigilante Diaries. People thought people would never convert to the cell phones and homes for a main source of entertainment. Now, online content and streaming is KING in my opinion. I think blockchain and cryptocurrency is here to stay, given progress so far, and so much more room to grow. Many actors, comedians, musicians, millennials, and entrepreneurs would like to use cryptocurrency and I want to do the best I can to make sure their concerns are well received when come into one of my establishments."

4. Investing in Cryptocurrency

Since cryptocurrency's inception, millennials have been investing their funds in various cryptocurrency coins and tokens, most notably, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, and NEO. When asked whether fellow Millennials should invest in cryptocurrency Walker took this optimistic but responsibly cautionary tone.

Chris Kelley: "Do you think others should invest in the cryptocurrency market or stay away until things are figure out?"

Kevin L. Walker: "Well, the SEC and G20 seems to be taking a receptive and optimistic approach, and governments, banks, and institutions are getting involved in the crypto space. With the amount of funds capitalized in the cryptocurrency market and the amount of attentions it's getting from key players in our economy, I would say it's a good time to invest in the cryptocurrency space. The opportunity to yield great gains is definitely possible however, I do strongly caution any investor to do their own research, consider investing in infrastructure and working products over vaporware and speculation."

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