New Single, “A Mother’s Love One Kind”, Available in Time for Mother’s Day

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Today, LisZenUp RecordZ releases “A Mother’s Love One Kind,” as a single release from its upcoming 11-song Album, “Mother’s Day Everyday”, scheduled to be released the first week of April. The single is available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and several other sites for $.99.

This is a picture of the songwriter's Mother holding him as an infant.

I really owe a deep gratitude to my parents. They couldn’t give me material gifts, but they gave me the confidence to follow my dreams, whether they be in music, sports, my education or business.

In an enchanting song available just in time for Mother’s Day, songwriter and storyteller Del Henry tells us how much his mother meant to him with the single, “A Mother’s Love One Kind,” released today by LisZenUp RecordZ, and sold on ITunes, Amazon and CD Baby, among other sites. The music is available as a download for $.99, and is a forerunner of Henry’s Album, “Mother’s Day Everyday,” which will be released the first week of April.

The album takes the listener on a musical journey of Henry’s early life, born to penniless, uneducated farmhands who managed to instill in him a work ethic, the belief that anything was possible, and the desire to reach for the stars in his own career and life. All songs on the album were written, arranged and produced by Henry.

“A Mother’s Love One Kind,” is being released as the sequel to “Mother’s Song,” a hit single originally released 30 years ago. Although “Mother’s Song” will be on the new album when it is released, “A Mother’s Love One Kind” is the featured song on this album. Lyrics to “A Mother’s Love One Kind,” include:

A Mother’s love, not like any love
Is the one, forever, on and on
And you’ll find, as you move through time
A Mother’s love, One kind

In its first two years of release, “Mother’s Song” played on more than 3,000 radio stations including several radio networks. It was the most requested song on the nation’s then number one radio station located in New York City, with a million listeners per quarter hour, according to news articles written at the time. Also, “Mother’s Song” became the fastest selling product in Home Shopping Network’s history (according to then-HSN board member Rick Michaels), in cassette form (as a single, with one side as the vocal, the other side as an instrumental, with a greeting card, for $17.95).

In “Mother’s Song,” written as a eulogy for Henry’s mother who died at 57 from a heart attack, the lyrics include:

My life became because of you. You always encouraged and inspired.
You shaped our thoughts and molded us and never seemed to tire.
Our hearts are filled with memories of all your tender ways
Mother, Mother, Mother dear
We’ll miss you every day.

Besides “Mother’s Love One Kind” and “Mother’s Song,” the album to be released in April includes nine additional (11 total) songs, including the profound “Dream Awhile,” which chronicles Henry’s parents’ belief in their children, and their desire for them to believe that in America, anything is possible.

“The songs on this album were really a work of love and gratitude for my parents, and a completion of what I started with the hit song “Mother’s Song,” Henry explained. “My mother always had a love and gift of music, and sang and played the piano at her church, and encouraged me to follow my musical dreams,” Henry said. The band Henry was a founding member of and managed in high school was awarded a record contract with the Scorpio label within Fantasy Records (the same label that signed Credence Clearwater Revival, amongst other talents). Henry was a key songwriter, arranger and producer of the album produced for the label. However, because some of the band members were drafted into the Vietnam War, they were unable to fulfill their obligations, and the contract was lost and their album, although finished, was never released.

In addition to his musical abilities, Henry was a major achiever as a football player in high school, selected as one of the top four quarterbacks in the state of California, and asked to play in the Shriner’s Game, where state all-star football players participated. Henry was also awarded a no-cut football scholarship to the University of California Berkeley, where he was to play quarterback. (Henry was also recruited by Notre Dame, under a full scholarship program, but opted in favor of the Cal scholarship.) Unfortunately, while playing in the aforementioned Shriner’s game, Henry was injured and was unable to play quarterback at UC Berkeley, though he later graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business from Cal.

“I was definitely reaching for the stars with my football and music careers,” Henry said. But he was sidetracked when he became involved in the cable TV business while still attending UC Berkeley, and ended up focusing his time and efforts becoming a success in that industry, eventually starting, building, operating and ultimately selling several cable TV franchises, and working as the President and/or CEO level of the industry for many years.

“I really owe a deep gratitude to my parents. They couldn’t give me material gifts, but they gave me the confidence to follow my dreams, whether they be in music, sports, my education or business,” Henry said. “This album is dedicated to my mother, who always believed in me and my dreams, and gave me the confidence to do so myself. I am releasing it in time for Mother’s Day, for people who may want to pay tribute to their mothers or other family members, by giving them the gift of this music.”

Henry is currently the CEO and an owner of InterMountainFiber Connect, LLC, a telecommunications company located in Utah, and CEO of LisZenUP RecordZ. Henry is a 25-year voting member for the Grammy’s (through the National Association of Recording Arts and Science, which is the association whose members actually vote for and determine Grammy winners). Henry has attended 14 Grammy shows. He lives in Orem, Utah with his wife and three teenage sons.

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