LifeOmic Releases LIFE Fasting Tracker App, Raises Funds for Gleaners Food Bank

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The LIFE Fasting Tracker app makes it easy and fun for users to harness intermittent fasting for metabolic health and track fasting progress.

The LIFE Fasting Tracker app.

The LIFE Fasting Tracker app.

We created the LIFE app to help people adopt intermittent fasting, a simple but effective lifestyle change,  and share it with friends and family. - Dr. Don Brown, LifeOmic CEO

On May 4, 2018, LifeOmic released the first of its LIFE apps to help individuals track and improve metabolic health. The LIFE Fasting Tracker app is a free app available for iOS devices on Apple’s App Store. It features a beautiful mobile-first interface that allows users to track their fasts, monitor their mood and progress, and share activity and health updates with LIFE friends. The app supports any type of fasting schedule including time-restricted feeding, circadian rhythm fasting, alternate day fasting and others.

The LIFE Fasting Tracker app is the only intermittent fasting app that has a built-in social network to sustain metabolic health and is built upon the LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud™, a HIPAA and HITRUST CSF© Certified platform for precision health, by which users can securely share information to contribute to medical research and receive more personalized care from their physicians.

Fasting has ancient roots in human history, but metabolism and aging science researchers have only recently uncovered the molecular mechanisms of its metabolic health benefits. Fasting triggers ketosis and signaling pathways that improve cellular and mitochondrial function and help eliminate undividing senescent cells, which contribute to tissue aging, and their inflammatory secretions. Senescent cells and cancer cells are relatively metabolically inflexible, or deficient in their ability to switch from using sugars to using fats as fuel. These cells are particularly vulnerable to periods of caloric restriction.

“Caloric restriction has been shown to improve health and potentially increase lifespan across a wide range of organisms from yeast to humans,” says LifeOmic CEO Dr. Don Brown. “However, few people have the discipline to cut their overall caloric intake by 30 to 40%. Intermittent fasting has exploded in popularity with the growing realization that building a few hours of starvation into each day has the same or perhaps greater benefit than long-term caloric restriction. We created the LIFE app to help people adopt this simple but effective lifestyle change — and share it with friends and family.”

Based on animal and early clinical studies, going without calories for at least 12 hours several times per week can result in weight loss, reduced inflammation and lowered risk of diseases of aging including heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and even cancer, especially when combined with healthy diet and exercise.

“In human trials we have observed up to 20 to 30% decreases in triglyceride levels, modest declines in LDL cholesterol levels and increases in HDL cholesterol levels over the course three months of regular fasting,” says Dr. Krista Varady, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, Chicago and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded intermittent fasting researcher. “Intermittent fasting may have a greater positive impact on insulin resistance than traditional calorie restriction diets, and even individuals of healthy weight can expect to see metabolic benefits over time.”

The LIFE Fasting Tracker app harnesses social and behavioral science to promote healthy behavior change. Being part of a community of others working to incorporate fasting into their daily lives helps users better achieve their metabolic health goals. With LIFE Circles, users can fast with friends, see at a glance who else is fasting now, and give and receive encouragement within custom circles of LIFE users they care about, from friends to coworkers to healthcare providers.

To celebrate the release of its first LIFE app, LifeOmic is also partnering with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, a member of Feeding America, to help intermittent fasters Fast Forward by donating meals and fresh produce to food banks. While the LIFE Fasting Tracker app helps people with access to plentiful, nutrient-rich foods optimize meal timing to improve metabolic health, many Americans don’t have the luxury of fasting and eating for health. When LIFE app users fast, they can pay meals forward by donating the cost of a breakfast, lunch or dinner they fast through to Gleaners. Donations can be made with a single gesture within the LIFE Fasting Tracker app.

All of the LIFE mobile apps will use LifeOmic’s HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF© Certified Precision Health Cloud (PHC) platform to securely store user and patient data. Health and lifestyle data that users opt to share with their healthcare providers and researchers via LIFE apps will ultimately drive precision and personalized medicine. Healthcare providers can use the LIFE mobile apps to extend care and information flow outside of their facilities, further empowering app users to take the best actions on their health and wellness goals. Clinicians, healthcare providers and researchers will be able to draw insights across wearable and LIFE app data shared with them by users, electronic health records (EHR), clinical and genotypic data using the deep analytics capabilities of PHC.

Learn more about the LIFE Fasting Tracker app today at

About LifeOmic:
LifeOmic is a software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to offer disruptive solutions to healthcare providers, researchers, health IT companies, and to patients themselves. We make it possible to securely aggregate clinical, genomic, imaging and lifestyle data for millions of patients and use this data to make discoveries and guide precision health. All data belongs to our customers, not us.

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