Anding Family Dental Now Offers Teeth Whitening

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People interested in acquiring their desired shade of shine in their smile can now do so with teeth whitening at Anding Family Dental.

Far too often, people will stare at their teeth in the mirror and dislike the current shade of their teeth. While over-the-counter whitening products on store shelves are cheaper and tempting, they are not nearly as effective as professional teeth whitening services. Countless people will throw away money on cheaper products that do not provide noticeable changes to the teeth.

Fortunately, the team at Anding Family Dental provides effective whitening solutions that will safely and efficiently whiten an individual’s smile. There is no need to continue being unhappy with the shade of a smile thanks to the teeth whitening treatment. With in-office teeth whitening and a take-home treatment available to choose from, people are able to whiten their teeth to their preference.

In many cases, people who do not seek professional assistance in the teeth whitening process increase the risk of what dental professionals call “bleachorexia.” The term bleachorexia refers to people who use too much whitening solution, causing harm to their teeth and body. By seeking teeth whitening services from the professional team at Anding Family Dental, the team can ensure they use a healthy amount of solution to brighten the teeth and not cause any harm.

If a patient is using an at-home whitening solution, then the team at Anding Family Dental will ensure that it is the right amount each night and that the patient understands how to use it. The hydrogen peroxide in the whitening solution will penetrate through the enamel and begins the oxidation process. This process will help the molecules in the teeth to reflect less light and appear colorless.

A teeth whitening is one method out of several for whitening teeth but is preferred since there is no addition or restoration to the teeth. Teeth whitening may take some time or at least two appointments to notice the change. In some cases, people do not want the shade of the teeth to go through significant changes when others do. During a consultation, the team at Anding Family Dental will go over all options and determine the most effective choice for the patient’s desires.

If you are interested in teeth whitening or other options for altering the appearance of teeth, then give Anding Family Dental a call and begin the path to enhancing the appearance of your teeth today.

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