How to Stay Productive at Work and Still Enjoy Your Summer

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How do we embrace summer, and all it has to offer without compromising our productivity and effectiveness at work? Here are 3 tips from productivity keynote speaker and author of the 12 Week Year, Brian P. Moran, to making the most of the summer months.

Brian Moran, Keynote Speaker

Brian Moran, Keynote Speaker on Productivity and Time Management

When at work, be totally at work. Be focused. Be mentally present. When at play, be totally at play. Enjoy the moment. The more you can be present the richer life is.

Oh, the early promise of another summer filled with joy and laughter, rest and relaxation!

As summer approaches we envision ourselves spending time at the lake, enjoying family and friends, or perhaps just some quiet time alone, with our thoughts and a beautiful sunset. There’s only one problem – WORK!

How do we embrace summer, and all it has to offer without compromising our productivity and effectiveness at work? The whole notion of work–life balance is challenged and intensified over the summer months. Is it really possible to enjoy the summer and still be productive at work? It is if you are willing to apply a few simple, but powerful strategies.

Here are 3 tips to making the most of the summer months:

1. Be Intentional
Intentionality cuts through the chaos, and the reactive tendencies we all struggle with. Living with intention means that you consciously choose how and where to spend your time. Life balance is a bit of a misnomer. Some think that the idea of life balance is to spend equal time in all areas. Not only is that unlikely, but even if you could, it will not create the life you desire.

When you spend your time with intention, you know when to say yes, and when to say no. When you are intentional, you waste less time and spend more of it on your high-value actions. Intentionality is not about scheduling out every minute, quite the contrary, it’s living each day on your own terms.

2. Be Focused
If you want to experience summer and all of its possibilities, you will need a plan for the next 12 weeks of summer. If this seems counterintuitive to joy and spontaneity, it’s not – it is the best way to optimize your summer fun and still deliver at work. A good road map will keep you focused, and on track. In the end, you’ll get more done and have more fun.

Start with identifying your 12 week goals; both your work goals, and your personal goals. Next determine the actions needed to take to achieve each goal. Be sure to keep the plan focused on the critical few – the actions that are really essential. Once that is completed, look at how your tactics occur week by week and be sure that you have the capacity to get everything done each week. One of the biggest drags on summer fun is the nagging feeling that work is piling up while you play.

As a final step, go back to your calendar and block time for the critical actions for both work and your personal life. You now know what matters most over the next three months. Whether it’s your business or your summer vacation, it always goes smoother with a plan.

3. Be Present
You are at your best when you are mentally where you are physically; when you are present in the moment. It’s easy to be at work thinking about golfing or lounging at the pool. That double mindedness hinders your productivity and makes you less effective. And here’s the worst part, because you’re not productive when you are working, you to have to spend more time at work.

Unfortunately, for many the opposite effect happens as well. It’s also easy to feel guilty when you are out enjoying yourself and there is work piling up back at the office. You’ve carved out an afternoon to spend at the beach with family and friends and as you are sitting there your mind keeps being drawn back to work. You keep thinking that you should be checking email and returning calls. The antidote – learn to be present.

When at work, be totally at work. Be focused. Be mentally present. When at play, be totally at play. Enjoy the moment. The more you can be present the richer life is.

For too many, summer is stressful and filled with guilt as we try to balance our work responsibilities and the desire to enjoy the season. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s make this summer, an incredibly productive time at work AND a restful, fun time with friends and family. All it takes is a plan and intentionality.

Have a great summer!

Brian Moran is the leading authority on leadership, execution and productivity. As CEO and Founder of The Execution Company, Brian Moran is a highly respected expert and accomplished executive, who has developed a well-versed business perspective from his vast experience in consumer products, healthcare, food service, automotive, transportation and professional services sectors. Brian, is the co-author of the New York Times Best Seller The 12 Week Year, a program developed to empower individuals and companies to achieve more in 12 weeks than what others accomplish in 12 months.

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