Rose Hong & Sharon Kleyne Announce Talk Radio Partnership

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Kleyne Water Life Science® Talk Radio Program Expands Format. Global Dragon TV Director Joins Forces with Sharon Kleyne Talk Radio.

It isn’t often that two research, education and media dynamos join forces to create something never done before, but that is about to happen in the world of talk radio.

Rose Hong, Executive Director of Global Dragon TV ( and Sharon Kleyne have announced their exciting collaboration to expand the reach of Kleyne’s twelve-year-old radio talk show. A frequent dynamic guest on the program, Hong in 1997 assembled a group of partners and launched Global Dragon TV, which offers programming 24/7 and reaches 70 countries worldwide. Hong also produces and hosts two weekly programs, Global Odyssey and Whole health Living, which reflect her belief in Chinese philosophy and holistic health practices. Hong is also a board member of Montero Medical Mission. The Mission provides education and medical outreach by sending U.S. volunteer doctors to locations around the world.

Kleyne’s nationally syndicated, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, the Power of Water® & Your Lifestyle on VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® will open the door to the elusive secrets of Water Life Science® and Nature’s Pharma® for a healthier lifestyle. Water Life Science®, Kleyne explains, is a new global lifestyle based on The Power of Water® and the awareness that water is ‘the breath of life’. Without water, health and life quickly deteriorate, even end. “Life is impossible without water,” says Kleyne. “Oxygen is impossible without water.” That is why clean, fresh water must be the number one priority of every living person. Kleyne consistently calls for better education about water, global threats to water such as excess evaporation, run-off and pollution, and new water technology. Water Life Science® is a new global lifestyle that embodies heightened awareness of Nature’s Pharma® and water’s primacy. Hong and Kleyne also intend to spur on research and the invention of new water technologies that supplement and replenish earth’s challenged atmosphere and human body water vapor. Kleyne and international expert-guests will share new discoveries in learning how to breathe, drinking water, nutrition secrets, and sleeping with the Earth. Listeners will experience and participate in a cutting edge research laboratory specializing in Nature’s Pharma® health education and new technology discoveries. Listeners can debate with experts in real time via social media and offer their own research and technology.

Kleyne, also the founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research/Water Life Science®, warns that earth’s atmosphere is endangered. “When earth’s atmosphere is in trouble, human beings are in trouble, too,” says Kleyne. An expert on atmospheric and body water evaporation, Kleyne teaches that the planet’s atmosphere contains ‘the breath of life’, which is water. “All living things on earth need the water in the atmosphere to breathe,” says Kleyne. “As the atmosphere thins and dries out due to excessive evaporation, humans will find it harder and harder to breathe.”

Kleyne’s research discoveries in dry eye and its relief and in evaporation of body water vapor and the Earth’s atmosphere inspired a revolution in Nature’s Pharma® whole health research that is worth billions of dollars in global markets. One of Kleyne’s favorite examples of new research involves the efforts of Dr. Gerald Pollack, who discovered a fourth type of water in the body. Dame Dr. Effie Chow provides another key example of a Nature’s Pharma® discovery with her breakthrough Qigong practice breathing lessons.

Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, Hong and Kleyne explain, taps into ancient wisdom and research. That primal knowledge helped societies in China, Africa, India and everywhere find cures for disease and sickness, and we’re doing the same today. Since the sponge that is our human body’s water vapor from birth is always evaporating, since Earth’s living water atmosphere is evaporating, our goal must be to find new Nature’s Pharma® technologies and education to supplement and replenish that water loss This is just a beginning, but it’s an essential launch on the Power of Water® water-slide leading to Nature’s Pharma® for better proactive health.

New Power of Water® discoveries define Nature’s Pharma® as the healthy, proactive lifestyle for people of all ages, for people today all over the world. “Water Life Science® /Nature’s Pharma® is a state of mind,” Kleyne says, “and the Power of Water® is the living Earth fluid that feeds and sustains a loving, healthy relationship between humanity and Earth.

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