Timely & Timeless Now Selling VDS-Certified Romba and Sternreiter Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks at Whopping Discounts Online

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One of the nation’s leading authorized dealers for exquisite clocks has discounted a variety of VDS-certified clocks bearing true German tradition and quality.

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Representatives with Chicago-based Timely & Timeless announced today that it is now selling VDS-certified Romba and Sternreiter Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks at hugely discounted prices in its online store, while also offering a Fourth of July free giveaway.

“In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, customers will receive a free gift with every purchase,” said Paulina Hubli, spokesperson for Timely & Timeless. “When customers buy a clock, the second clock or a Black Forest Flute is on us. This tremendous offer ends at midnight July 8.”

Hubli went on to note that for those looking for the VDS-certified, authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, only mechanical movement clocks handmade in the southwestern region of Germany known as Black Forest, or Schwarzwald, are considered authentic Black Forest cuckoo clocks. In fact, for more than 300 years, woodcarvers and clock makers in the region have been preserving the art and craftsmanship of cuckoo clock keeping it essentially unchanged since the early 1700s. In 1987, the Black Forest Clock Association was formed to preserve and protect the Black Forest clock making tradition. Known as the Verein die Schwarzwalduhr, or VDS, the Black Forest Clock Association is comprised of producers, traders and experts, as well as providers, dealers and collectors, who are passionate about preserving the time-tested traditions of Black Forest Germany clock makers.

“Authentic Black Forest cuckoo clocks are delivered to customers with an official certificate of authenticity and a seal from the VDS,” Hubli revealed. “The seal indicates the cuckoo clock originated from a clockmaker in Black Forest Germany who is registered with the association.”

As for the discounted clocks Timely & Timeless has listed in its online store, Hubli stressed that it is happy to offer a fine selection of cuckoo clocks with the authentic VDS seal. A few of those clocks include the Rombach & Haas (Romba) FRETWORK clock, a faithful reproduction from the workshop of Ingolf Haas.

“This piece is as interesting as it is beautiful,” Hubli said. “The intricately cut filigree case is cut so that the black from underneath makes a striking pattern. This piece is an exact copy of a clock circa 1870. The hands, numbers and calling bird are all of the solid wood. At 42 percent off, customers can have this unique clock while saving $1,432 off the original price.”

Hubli noted that customers may also be interested in the Rombach & Haas (Romba) WINTER clock, which she described as an exceptionally charming 8-Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with an intricately carved chalet covered with sparkling snow and a Schwartzwalder and his dog taking rest by the side of the house.

“The figures are hand carved with exquisite detail,” Hubli said. “The waterwheel turns and the dancers dance as the mechanical music box plays two melodies. At 47 percent off, customers are able to save $1,104.”

Hubli went on to point to the Sternreiter Bird and Leaf Black Forest Mechanical Cuckoo Clock #1200S, a clock that’s now 42 percent off, saving customers $160.

“The leaves and bird are hands carved from solid Linden wood,” Hubli said in describing the clock. “When the clock strikes the hour or half-hour, the door opens, a cuckoo appears and calls along with the clock’s gong strike. This clock also features carved, wooden weight shells. The clock has added features like wooden hands, a shut-off switch, and a carved wooden cuckoo bird.”

In addition, Hubli said the Sternreiter Bird and Leaf Black Forest Mechanical Cuckoo Clock #1200 Linden Wood with Half and Full Hour Strike is a charming and affordable cuckoo clock that has leaves and a bird hand carved from solid Linden wood. When the clock strikes the hour or half-hour, the door opens, a cuckoo appears and counts the hours along with the clock’s gong strike. At 48 percent off, customers are able to save $138.

“Bird and Leaf Clock is hand-made in Germany and VDS-certified,” Hubli said.

For more information, please visit: https://timelyandtimeless.com/pages/sternreiter-is-a-mark-of-true-care and https://timelyandtimeless.com/pages/sternreiter-is-a-mark-of-true-care

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