New Device “Teacher Alert System” Patented By Three Moms

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TOTAL CONNECT® Technology Allows for Connectivity Anywhere

“Why can’t teachers who have the responsibility of teaching and caring for our most precious possessions -- our children, have a better way to summon help?", says Founder of Teacher Alert System, Dr. Gasparis Vonfrolio.

School safety has become a major concern in the United States. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD, Traci Cangiano and Patricia Carrasco developed an integrated modular system consisting of a Base Station and a Personal Alert Device, called the Teacher Alert System.

The Teacher Alert System is a wireless remote that can be worn around the neck providing teachers with a direct connection to the police/fire, ambulance, active shooter and principal. In an event of an emergency, the unit operates using Bluetooth to connect to the Base which connects to Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Satellite for ensuring a connection at all times. There is also an “active shooter” button that when pressed will alert all teachers as well as emergency responders. Time is of the essence in an emergency and the Teacher Alert System provides the security and the means for a rapid response.

The Base Station/Messaging Router contains an IoT solution that can be tailored to the application, with an incoming wireless link to the PAD, and an outgoing link to connect via the Cloud with First Responders, school administration, and school security. The Base Station can be configured with multiple wireless network technologies which can accommodate the particular connection challenges, hence, Total Connect Technology.

The current version includes Wi-Fi connected IoT technology for module control and internet connection to the Cloud/Backend and responders, as well as a reliable short range RF connection for link with the PAD.Both the PAD and Base are battery powered, and the Base station has a provision for connection to a main power source.

The wearable TAS PAD is an IoT device and is only 4”H x 2”W x 0.844” D and communicates via Bluetooth directly to the Base station/Messaging Router. The current TAS PAD features four buttons – School, Police/Fire, Ambulance and Active Shooter, these buttons can also be reconfigured and changed to meet the needs of the school.Pressing a button on the PAD transmits a specific Alert Code to the Base Station which then relays the information via the Cloud to the Responder. The system allows one and two-way voice communication between the PAD and the Responder along with a special “mute” button. TAS can also transmit GPS data and optional camera is also available. The Teacher Alert System Base unit is 4” H x 3” W x 1.25” D and is lightweight and portable making it a perfect safety device on class trips. The Base station should be located within the local RF range of the PAD.

For locations without Wi-Fi, a second module with a Cellular modem is available, this version features a Cloud/Backend connection using available Cellular networks. A third module with a Satellite modem for the most isolated areas where cell service is absent or unreliableis also available.

“As a college professor and registered nurse I became frustrated with the lack of resources available to our teachers. I was particularly concerned with the medical incidents, for example if a child has an allergic reaction or a seizure the teacher must go to the phone in the classroom, or if there is no phone, the teacher will send a student to the front office to relay a message of help”, says Founder of Teacher Alert System, Dr. Gasparis Vonfrolio. “Why can’t teachers who have the responsibility of teaching and caring for our most precious possessions -- our children, have a better way to summon help?” continued Dr. Gasparis Vonfrolio.

In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation is key to differentiating one’s product. The challenge for TAS was to create a state of the art device that would assist teachers in school safety protocol. The Teacher Alert System offers a platform that incorporates the best in class features and functionality that give teachers a major advantage over other competitive products. With TAS Total Connect® Technology the user has the ability to access one or more of the following means of communication – Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite. This allows the user to never be without a connection.

The TAS team met with some teachers, administrators and elected officials to discuss the features, functions and benefits of the Teacher Alert System for their feedback. "A device like a Teacher Alert System that can help keep our teachers and students is an essential tool to enhance school safety protocols," said Mike Reilly President at Community Education Center 31 and a former Lt. (Ret) NYPD officer. All of the teachers voiced a concern for the current situation and felt that TAS would be an asset to any school.

The group partnered with Nisha Sawhney, Founder of SnS Design, Inc. a full-service product design firm that specializes in product design and product management from concept through development. SnS Design supports business ideas that impact and change market locally or globally through proprietary process for speed to market.

To learn more about the Teacher Alert System, future expansion plans for alert systems in hospitals, hotels and business, call Dr. Gasparis Vonfrolio at 1-800-331-6534 or to book an interview, contact Robin Carley, Carley Communications Group at 973-513-3352 or email, or visit the website at

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