Compassionate Recovery: Mindful Healing for Trauma and Addictions

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"This could literally be a textbook for a whole new generation of recovery systems. It provides a broad view of existing recovery methods (e.g., AA, NA, Alanon, etc.), explores what works (and what doesn't), suggests ways to enhance them, as well as pointing toward alternative, equally valid, paths to recovery"  -Ken S.​, ​35 years sober

By an addict, for addicts. Reconceptualization of addiction, trauma and recovery-from the ground up. Universally applicable, principles-based path from suffering to self-mastery. Neuroscience of trauma and addiction explained in an accessible way. Part I: The Why: ACEs and Addiction. Part II: Trauma, Addiction and Your Brain: What You Need to Know, Part III: Healing Your Brain: Compassion Circuitries, Part IV: How We Recover: Principles and Practices of Compassionate Community.

What Clinicians Are Saying:
"Darren Littlejohn presents a novel perspective to addiction recovery, based upon scientific evidence, and first-hand embodied wisdom and compassion. Compassionate Recovery is an informative guide comprised of both reasoned and intuitive tools for healing. To influence healing and inspire others to explore compassion within addiction recovery, he invites readers to give feedback that may be applied to future book revisions, as a living resource born from a common collective source of individuals in recovery with valuable wisdom and compassion to share."
-Dr. Susan Knier, OTD-MH, OTR/L, MBA Certified Teacher of Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions

What Readers Are Saying
Amazingly Easy Relate to!
"Darren Littlejohn has done it again! He's taken the necessity of recovery and expanded it for an even broader audience. In this book, I had to stop and breathe because it felt like he was writing for me. I thought- how does he know?! There is an insane amount of good information on these pages! What is invaluable and so unforgettable is that Darren has done all the intense and dense research for us. He gives us bite-sized bits of information that are easy to digest and integrate into our knowledge base.

Even if you are not in recovery, there is so much good information. This book could be used as a quick go-to for mindfulness practices, learning our brains and bodies, how to live past trauma, and how to be compassionate with ourselves.

Compassionate Recovery is a gift; all the hard stuff has been done for us. All we have to do is read and maybe participate in some straightforward practices." -Five-stars on Amazon

Compassionate Recovery is a childhood trauma book, and an addiction recovery book. This integrated, universal, and inclusive approach will guide and empower you to recover from any addiction. If you or someone you love suffers from addictions, buy this book. Your healing begins now. Discussion of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact on the neuroscience of addiction, trauma and recovery. Equally important are the brain circuitries involved in mindfulness, compassion and self-compassion as they are the keys to long-term recovery.

This is a practice guide for meditation and compassion exercises for individuals and community groups. It is inclusive of LGBT and marginalized groups. The book is written for everyone who suffers, including members of the US Armed Forces, Correctional Facilities and Treatment centers.

Compassionate Recovery: Mindful Healing for Trauma and Addictions
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Darren Littlejohn is a recovering addict and a practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. Trained as a power yoga instructor, he started Yoga for Recovery in 2011 in Portland. He holds a BA in Psych and completed graduate coursework in Research Methods for Psychology. He's been involved with community projects, including the fight against smoking, creating dog parks, producing community television, and a spiritually driven jazz program.

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