How Businesses Can Keep Flooring Looking Fantastic & Save Money

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Method Clean updates company resource blog to help businesses solve commercial cleaning challenges during times of high inflation.

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A schedule we provide frequently for clients is cleaning one area quarterly/monthly (depending on size) but then go around and spot clean the rest of the building

Method Clean Solutions, a Buffalo NY carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning service, recently updated the company resource blog. Most businesses with remote workers are beginning to bring back employees to some degree. With business inflation around 10% companies are in a conundrum, keep their building's commercial cleaning services at a high level but still have some cost control during a challenging economic environment.

The resource has over a 100 articles, pdf's, power point presentations and how to videos. The online editor for the company is Shane Deubell, Mr. Deubell has over 25 years experience in the facility cleaning and maintenance industry. These life experiences include being a franchise owner, large account sales and owner of the current company method clean solutions. Currently the company specializes in project cleaning services for commercial buildings including carpet cleaning, tile & grout steam cleaning and floor cleaning.

The comprehensive resource can be found on the company website at

Most business managers and property owner’s clean carpet when it reaches an appearance level that is so unacceptable to the image and look of the facility that it is installed in, that it demands that some level of carpet cleaning be implemented. As we will learn, the very construction of carpet is designed to hide soiling, therefore by the time a carpet looks dirty, it is filthy.

There is a better way: here are some benefits of having an annual floor cleaning plan

  • Asset Management – Maximum value from investment in carpet and floors due to longer useful life.
  • Appearance Management – Maintaining a higher level of appearance
  • Professional Image
  • Healthier Indoor Environment
  • Happier Employees

Carpet Cleaning Due to the amount of traffic and soil most commercial buildings should have a schedule for several aspects of cleaning and maintenance. This may be performed by in-house personnel or maintained by a contract cleaning firm or may be a combination.

The best way to squeeze more out of a building’s carpet cleaning service budget is 2 things. Most managers will clean the whole building all at once but a more effective schedule would be to increase the frequency of cleaning for high traffic areas only but cut back on lower traffic areas and add spot cleaning.

A schedule we provide frequently for clients is cleaning one area quarterly/monthly (depending on size) but then go around and spot clean the rest of the building. This gives a uniform appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning- Restrooms and Cafeterias Cleaning restrooms and cafeteria floors is very labor intensive, the biggest challenge is flooring with tile and grout. Grout is porous and absorbs liquids easily, mopping only pushes soil into the grout lines where bacteria can decay and create foul odors.

The best solution is steam cleaning these areas. In this process a floor tool is used that shoots hot high-pressured water or even steam and simultaneously vacuums the dirty water away into a waste water tank.

Key here is then to seal the grout lines, preventing soils from absorbing deep into the crevices of the grout.

A common frequency for businesses is to have the floors/walls steam cleaned 1x year (depending on traffic) and seal the grout lines. This will make the restroom much quicker and easier to clean, reducing labor costs.

Floor Cleaning
Floor Stripping & Refinishing, most floor finishes nowadays are very strong and durable and can last for several years. Most managers when ordering service will wait until the floor finish has completely decayed. A much less expensive policy would be to strip and finish a floor completely 1x and then schedule a scrub and wax for the future.

This process only removes the top 1-2 layers of floor finish and can have half the cost easily. The goal here would be to have 2-3 services annually instead of 1 big service. Floors will look a lot better and the client will receive much more value.

An example floor cleaning plan might be: power scrub and refinish 3x year. high speed polish 4x times year.

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