Your SiSTRS are here to bring birth control back to basics with the Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker

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Women led lifestyle brand SiSTRSbyTRS changes up the idea of birth control with the Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker while working to help women keep their period privacy, private!

Designed by women for women, SiSTRSbyTRS takes a new approach to all things birth control. The lifestyle brand has launched its first ever product, the Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker, which allows women to take birth control into their own hands, using the calendar and BBT method to naturally identify the fertile stage of a woman’s cycle to help avoid pregnancy.

Birth control is typically thought of as the pill, the IUD, the implant, or the shot. All of which uses excess hormones such as estrogen and progesterone to essentially make the body think it’s already pregnant, which is the sole purpose of hormonal birth control. However, when your body is on these hormonal birth controls there are a ton of side effects that you may experience that can vary from sore breasts and headaches to blood clots and stroke.

Fortunately, the natural alternatives to hormonal birth control come with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS! So, how do the natural alternatives work to help prevent pregnancy? The calendar method works by having the user track their menstrual cycle to predict the period of time they are most likely to be the fertile and conceive. The BBT method, also known as Basal Body Temperature method, works by having the user measure their temperature and record it daily so that the user can monitor temperature changes that will indicate the fertile window of a woman’s cycle.

The biggest benefit to going all natural when it comes to preventing pregnancy is that when the user decides that they would like to try to get pregnant they can do so immediately without worrying about the lingering hormones from traditional birth controls! Additionally, the Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker allows women to use the planner to either prevent or plan for pregnancy.

Currently, many women have turned to using apps for natural cycle tracking. Unfortunately, for the women who use period tracking apps instead of hormonal birth control also now need to worry about their privacy using those apps. The Mobile Health News has found that nearly half of the most popular period tracking apps sell their users data to third parties. As is this can feel like a huge violation of privacy considering this app is trusted to track a very private time in a woman’s life.

If you are looking to keep things natural but want to keep your tracking private, then check out The Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker from SiSTRSbyTRS! The Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker features:

  • 12 DIY calendars
  • Daily symptoms logs
  • Activities & personal notes
  • 12 additional journaling pages
  • BBT thermometer

Not only does SiSTRSbyTRS promote natural methods of birth control with the Natural Course: Daily Cycle Tracker, but founder Tori Ruth Singer also has a blog that focuses on topics from beauty care & health to menstrual cycles & sex! Check it out and grab your book now at or you can find it on Etsy!

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