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In this article, Quickly Locksmith will find ways to protect your home against these methods helping to ensure that your home remains a safe and secure place for your family.

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The idea of a burglar entering the home while people are away is a frightening one. However, there are things that can be done to secure the home against an intruder. To help ensure that the home's defenses can stand up to a burglar we have identified the four most common burglar methods.

By Walking In:
There is still a great deal of burglaries committed by someone simply walking into an open house and taking something. There have been recorded incidents of burglars walking down streets and trying door handles. This is not just a night-time activity. People go out often in the daytime and leave their door unlocked because they are just popping into a shop or quickly visiting a neighbor.
The best way to prevent this is to always lock the door, even if the intention is to only be out of the house for a short period of time. An alternative method to forever locking doors is to purchase a smart lock or another door lock type that will automatically lock the door when the door closes.

Burglary Through the Front Door:
The front door is still the most common entry point in a home. Whether the burglar is using lock picking tools, lock bumping tools, or lock snapping tools, an experienced burglar can make short work of a standard lock.
To combat this, invest in a good lock. In general, the more a lock costs, the higher the security. Ensure your front door has adequate lock protection through a lock that provides:

  • Anti-snapping defenses
  • Anti-bumping defenses
  • Anti-picking defenses and
  • Deadbolts

Invest in some security lighting or a smart doorbell to deter criminals from attempting forced entry.

Remember the Secondary Door:
Whether a burglar uses the secondary door to gain access depends on a lot of factors such as ease of access, dogs in the garden, or if it is in plain view or not. Whatever the situation with your secondary door it is important to make sure that the locks are just as secure as the locks on the front door. The door itself may be secondary, but the security should always come first.

Windows are Fragile:
They provide a weak point in the home. Human nature states that when we hear a noise we stop and wait to see if we hear the noise again. The problem is it only takes one well-placed hit for an experienced burglar to break a window, the noise will not come again so we are less likely to investigate.
There are a few things one can do to prevent a burglar from using this point of entry.

  • Install motion sensors and alarms on the windows.

This will act as a deterrent or, in the event of a break-in, it will raise the alarm and put a stop to the burglary quickly.

  • Replace the windows with reinforced glass or impact windows.

Impact windows are hard to break by any normal means and have the added benefit of improving your home's energy ratings.

  • Have CCTV set up around your home.

While this approach may incur more cost, no burglar wants to be caught on camera so it is an excellent deterrent.

  • Have security lights set up around your house.

Lights that are motion-activated can alert people to unscheduled activity outside your home.

Open Windows:
An open window is an invitation to your average burglar. This can even be a problem on the second floor of your home. Whether by ladders, trees, or by climbing on the garage roof, if a burglar wants in through that window they will find a way.
If the home is empty during the daytime the windows should always be closed with some good quality locks that cannot be accessed from the outside of the window. This removes the possibility of a burglar getting easy access to your home.

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