Bened Life and KultureCity Collaborate to Deliver 24 Nevers

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Bened Life will Headline KultureCity’s Make the Nevers Possible™ programming for 12 months

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KultureCity and Bened Life are working together to amplify their dedication to making positive changes for the neurodivergent community.

Bened Life is announcing its first global collaboration, with KultureCity. Bened Life is on the leading edge of microbiome and health science innovation, producing specialized, patented probiotics that influence brain health. Neurodiversity is at the forefront of the company, making a collaboration with KultureCity, a global non-profit based in Birmingham, AL, that focuses on using its robust collective of resources to create sensory inclusive modifications at private and public venues, an intuitive pairing.

KultureCity is dedicated to training businesses and individuals on how to better accept, accommodate and include those with invisible disabilities. There are currently over 1000 locations in the United States, and 30 more globally, that hold KultureCity Sensory Inclusive certifications.

The core component of Bened Life’s KultureCity partnership is to deliver 24 Nevers in the next 12 months. Nevers are experiences or trips gifted to those with invisible disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and dementia. In KultureCity’s beta test of the Make the Nevers Possible™ program, over 25 Nevers were facilitated in the past eight months including a community birthday party for a little girl who never had one and coordinating a ringside wrestling match experience for a man in a wheelchair with Huntington’s Disease.

Around one in six Americans are living with an invisible disability. Sensitivities can affect one or more of the five senses, taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight, along with three additional, interoception, vestibular, and proprioceptive. Sensory-inclusive experiences are becoming more publicized and accepted, allowing those living with an invisible disability to enjoy the same concert, play, amusement park, and more as their peers, just with additional, necessary tools to help reduce triggers including social anxiety and sensory overload.

KultureCity and Bened Life are working together to amplify their dedication to making positive changes for the neurodivergent community. The Nevers experiences help take away the feeling of isolation and allow those with invisible disabilities to integrate back into the community, gain confidence, and transform their lives.

“KultureCity is the first major partnership that Bened Life has embarked on, and I can’t think of a more synergistic fit. Working to make a measurable impact on the invisible disability community is at the heart of what Bened Life stands for. We are honored to be the headline sponsor for the Make the Nevers Possible program and look forward to playing an integral role in improving the lived experience of those with invisible disabilities and sensory sensitivities,” says Sunny Cash, Community Director at Bened Life. “Working directly with the community allows us to learn more about unmet needs, unique sensory concerns, and what experiences will help those with invisible disabilities live their most fulfilled lives.”

“Teaming up with Bened Life, who is ‘making the nevers possible’ in its own right, will assist KultureCity to positively impact more families and businesses. Throughout my personal journey with my son who was diagnosed with autism at age four, I’ve discovered, both as a parent and physician, what being exposed to different events outside of the home can do for a person with an invisible disability’s confidence. When a person with an invisible disability gets to go to a sports game, concert, or play for the first time, it can open a world of self-assurance, which may expose a new career path and a more positive outlook on life,” says Julian Maha, co-founder of KultureCity, “We are working with a community that doesn’t interact with the general community not by choice but because they will be judged, and isolate themselves, therefore it’s important to collaborate with brands, like Bened Life, who are in synchronicity with what KultureCity is doing to help them defy and exceed expectations.”

Bened Life prides itself on standing behind its ethos by leading through example with a neurodiversity team that helps to guide the company. Each team member brings creative concepts, first-person insights to challenges they’ve faced personally and professionally, education for neurotypical colleagues, and enthusiasm for the projects they are working on.

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