Crushing The Test, an ACT prep course taken online, just announced today their 6 week course is open for early access.

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The next ACT test date is July 16. Crushing the Test official start date is June 13, so now is the perfect time for students to get in early and get started learning how reverse engineer literally every question on the test.

Since high schools don’t offer strategic ACT prep courses, it’s up to the students and parents to invest in ACT prep as early as their freshman year in high school.

The ACT (American College Testing) is a college entrance exam used by most colleges and universities and is supposed to reflect what students have learned throughout high school. It provides colleges and universities with the information they need for recruiting, advising, placement, and retention.

“Since high schools don’t offer strategic ACT prep courses, it’s up to the students and parents to invest in ACT prep as early as their freshman year in high school,” says Valencia Belle, ACT Certified Educator and creator of Crushing. “Getting early access to an intensive six week course is setting yourself up for success.”

The course was designed so that six weeks was optimal for students to fully absorb the learning material, but with much effort on their part. A major key to doing well on the test is practice. There is time to practice within the six weeks, but another week to do ACT practice tests will be time well spent.

“We have an average of a 5-10 point increase from our course, and first time takers score above the national average of 20, which is down 1 point from 2019,” says Belle.

Improving your ACT score or scoring strong on the first attempt by learning the specific ACT strategies and tips to get scores high enough to earn scholarships is the goal. Why else take the test, especially since more colleges are dropping the ACT/SAT requirements? Scholarships reduce and even eliminate student loan debts, a burden that tens of thousands of college graduates inherit for decades to come.

Early access to the ACT course looks like this:

  • Week 1: College Prep Orientation: This week will prepare you for college and after college in ways you haven't before. Things like building a resume, researching your dream job, creating a vision board, and finding out your choice college requirements for scholarships and more. This week includes taking a pre test.
  • Week 2: English
  • Week 3: Math
  • Week 4: Reading
  • Week 5: Science

These 4 weeks have the same format.
You'll watch an intro and tips video before taking a practice test on that subject; grade and score and watch explanation videos for the answers.
Mid week involves videos that break down everything you need to know to reverse engineer each type of passage and question.
They are followed by guides for you to print and study.
The week ends with taking another practice test to see how well you learned the information.

  • Week 6: If you are taking the Writing test, then you will spend 2 days learning how to write an essay that will get you all 12 points. You're going to give everything ACT expects in an essay by learning exactly what to write.

If not taking the optional writing, you spend the week practicing your newly developed ACT test taking skills.
The beginning of Week 6 you will take a post test; this score will tell you how much you got out of this course and give you the best idea of how you will do on test day.

As you can see the course is intensive and forces the student to put in the work. Getting early access gives students that extra time needed to earn the scores needed for scholarships.

About Crushing the Test and early access-
Early access is available for the June 13th course start date with Crushing the Test online ACT prep course. This extra time is beneficial to get more practice test time to score strong and qualify for scholarships to drastically reduce a student loan obligation.

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