New Music Collective TEAM Launches Revolutionary Flagship Service that Empowers Musicians with a Pathway to Success and Profitability

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TEAM Premium Access Online Music Platform Mentors and Supports Artists Via Assembly Line Hit-Making Process for Creating Superior Songs and Placing them in Movies, TV and Ads

Unlike competitors flooding the music training market with bits and pieces of the overall picture, what truly sets TEAM apart is the company’s core aim at helping artists get their music licensed via a multi-faceted education pathway structured to act as a complete journey.

First-of-its-kind music education and artist development platform, TEAM (Transcend Entertainment and Music), has unveiled its flagship service offering, TEAM Premium Access, a step-by-step mentorship program for super-boosting the careers of up-and-coming musicians around the globe. TEAM’s new assembly line-style online music education program and support community is focused on delivering advanced training, skilled mentoring and exclusive music licensing opportunities for its “Family” of musicians, composers and producers who are seeking recognition and income from their music.

TEAM Premium Access[], is TEAM’s core service offering and is specifically designed for music professionals who are serious about getting their music licensed by big-name entertainment brands and other revenue-generating outlets. This subscription-based service will be made available to the public beginning October 11th. Musicians interested in learning about everything the training program and broader community entails are encouraged to attend an inaugural TEAM Workshop held that day, and can sign up here.

"Nowhere else in the music education and licensing worlds is the complete assembly line of success explained and facilitated for musicians. TEAM was developed to assist artists to build their own unique pathways and to help them vastly improve the overall quality of their music,” explained Gary Gray, TEAM founder and CEO. “TEAM Premium Access was designed in a way that ensures our TEAM Family Members are always supporting one another along the way, while providing experienced mentorship and community support through a proven process in which to follow.”

Unlike competitors flooding the music training market with bits and pieces of the overall picture, what truly sets TEAM apart is the company’s core aim at helping artists get their music licensed via a multi-faceted education pathway structured to act as a complete journey. Specific categories of skill set training are set up with quality-assurance checkpoints all along the way. This complete TEAM Process assembly line is comprised of the following services and features:

  • Weekly TEAM Masterminds
  • Personal and character development
  • Music production training
  • Music licensing skills training
  • Marketing tools and training
  • Music Business Accelerator
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Monthly song critiques
  • Masterpiece Certificate
  • TEAM Family Membership
  • Live pitching sessions
  • Continual source of briefs

Unlike do-it-yourself online training tools, TEAM Premium Access stresses the importance of individualized coaching that’s done alongside valuable in-depth personal critiquing and critique case studies of fellow TEAM Family Members. Once an artist is making good progress on the “assembly line”, the musician is then certified by working directly with the TEAM Quality Control Division. At this stage, TEAM provides additional resources and exclusive opportunities for placing the artist’s masterpiece-quality music productions into revenue generating licensing agreements. This includes internal legal counsel available to consult qualified TEAM Family Members.

Musicians in the TEAM Family not only get world-class training in music creation and production skills, but they become part of a community-based support network. Each musician is guided step-by-step, to reach personal and professional goals. Members are bestowed with often under-valued “soft skills” such as business savvy, negotiation skills and personal development suggested guidelines that have been proven to greatly contribute to a musician’s overall success within the industry. These less traditional features within the program include such invaluable benefits as:

  • Being part of a robust global community
  • Mentorship from professionals
  • Development of confidence
  • Presentation skills
  • Laser focus on a set plan for success
  • Growth skills to know exactly what to do next

TEAM provides resources and exclusive opportunities for creating and placing masterpiece quality music productions into revenue-generating licensing opportunities that help musicians create a legitimate and profitable enterprise to gain recognition and increase their incomes. Unlike do-it-yourself online training tools, TEAM Premium Access provides individualized coaching and the advantage of networking with fellow TEAM Family Members via TEAM’s exclusive “Weekly Live Masterminds” sessions (available to all TEAM Premium Access members).
With the exponential upsurge in the amount of film and video content being streamed via a cornucopia of channels today, the demand for high-quality music suitable for each mood or scene is staggering. And the great news is this provides TEAM Family Members a competitive edge on literally thousands of music licensing opportunities. TEAM coaches are trained to guide aspiring musicians to continually improve their character, create consistent masterpiece recordings and to show artists how they can become profitable members of the professional music industry, while certifying their accomplishments and shopping their music for lucrative licensing placements.

Amazingly, the payoffs from the hard work and dedication that TEAM Premium Access brings out in its artists have already been experienced due to a thorough two-year beta testing period of the TEAM Premium Access package leading up to its official release. Early TEAM Family musician Jay Johnson is a member who gained a particularly fast payoff, recounting, “Four of the seven tracks I sent made it into the TV show! When I turned on the TV and heard the first song …I almost lost it!”. He continued, “I can’t say thanks enough for everything I’ve learned from the TEAM Family. The caring and integrity they’ve shown only adds to all the great things I’d heard about TEAM mentors from others.”

“Just 18 months ago I knew nothing about the music business. Now, I talk directly to music supervisors and my efforts have won a Telly Award, several Film Festival Awards and received sync placements,” added Debbie Donovan, Manager at Wildflower Music. “Without TEAM, I would not have the knowledge, skills or confidence to be doing what I do now. Based in the UK, I’m honoured to be part of an ever-growing family of talented worldwide artists who are learning and excelling together. If you want to make music your life, this is where you need to be.”
Backed by over 30 years of research, TEAM transcends the traditional artist/record label business model by providing musicians with the missing links necessary to achieve consistent masterpiece quality music that can generate profits. TEAM was conceptualized and built by award-winning music producer and mentor Gary Gray, followed by the acquisition of the online music school New Artist Model, the brainchild of legendary music executive and author Dave Kusek. Prior to launching earlier this month, the TEAM architecture achieved a successful two-year proof of concept beta test, ultimately leading to triumph for many musicians - at the end of the assembly line - with monetary success in the licensing world. Several initial TEAM Family Members are already earning thousands of dollars from the strong partnerships they’ve developed with music supervisors and agencies (who select the music for movies, TV, games and advertisements).

TEAM (Transcend Entertainment and Music) is a comprehensive, end-to-end professional artist development, music education and music licensing company founded by top music education leaders Gary Gray and Music Industry legend Dave Kusek. TEAM is focused on music production and licensing opportunities for composers, songwriters and producers, key areas these two music visionaries have championed for years. TEAM’s signature artist development program is TEAM Premium Access. For more about TEAM visit:

TEAM CEO Gary Gray is an award-winning musician, Voting Member of the Grammy® Recording Academy, author, composer, producer and engineer with decades of A-list level industry expertise under his belt. He has been personally mentored by legendary music icons such as Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, Lamont Dozier, and Phil Collins and regularly collaborates with leading media behemoths such as The Disney Music Group, 20th Century Fox and Hollywood Records to place music in film, TV and ad campaigns. Visionary, pioneer and TEAM co-founder Dave Kusek created and ran the world-famous award-winning Berklee Online School at the Berklee College of Music for 14 years and was part of the original team behind MIDI technology. Most recently, Kusek has been the CEO of New Artist Model and is co-author of 2005’s best-selling book The Future of Music, which predicted many facets of the current music industry.

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