Ukrainian startup B-Trainika has suggested the new way of brain training

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A team from Ukraine has created a unique multiplayer role-playing game to train memory, attention, thinking and productivity, turning the tedious and monotonous process of brain training into an exciting experience. The project is intended to help those, who are "over 40" to maintain brain health and push back old age for many years.

Ukrainians claim that brain training with the help of their project is much more exciting than traditional exercises.

There are some interesting news came from Mykolaiv, the city in southern Ukraine. On 27th of January 2023, the team of specialists has completed to work on the English version of the project, which is already available to users. Its purpose is to prove that the process of self-improvement, the development of human cognitive functions can be an exciting activity, which will help, first of all, those who are "over 40" to maintain brain health and push back old age for years.

The name of their project "B-Trainika" - is symbolic. "B" is the first letter of the word Brain, and Nika is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of victory. So the creators decided to encrypt the idea that the path to success in life is to work on yourself, in particular, to develop your intellectual abilities, and it can be achieved by brain training by performing special exercises on the computer.

"B-Trainika" uses such a property of the human brain as neuroplasticity - the ability of neural networks to change their structure under the influence of incoming information. In other words, when you perform any mental operation repeatedly, your brain rewires itself to perform it faster and better. Appropriate neural pathways develop.

The idea of ​​using neuroplasticity to improve cognition is not so fresh. Numerous books and scientific articles have been written on this subject. There are Internet sites where users perform seemingly simple exercises and thus develop memory, attention and other brain functions. Cognitive training is now popular among both young people and older people, who choose it as an easy and safe way to counter the natural decline in cognitive abilities with age. The problem is that doing the exercises is a rather monotonous process. You need to do the same exercises every day for many months or even for years. This is the main reason why even well motivated and problem-aware people often drop out of class because they cannot keep up with the routine.

The creators of "B-Trainika" claim that they managed to break this pattern. At first glance, their site still has the same well-known for experts cognitive exercises like the "n-back task" or "Stroop test", but when you start exercising, you find that this is just the "tip of the iceberg". However, here you will need to make pirate raids on the possessions of other players, participate in tournaments, push competitors away, try to take a place at the palace, get Beryls in order to buy various magical items that give advantages in battles, and so on. If you are successful enough, then at the end you will become the Demiurge and reincarnate, and your nickname will be shown off in the first lines of the rating. Guys say that their system is a full-fledged multiplayer role-playing game that takes place in the invented world, where training with mini-games is part of the overall game plot. However, unlike conventional RPGs, on "B-Trainika" you do not upgrade the abstract skills of a certain computer character, but your own abilities (memory, attention, thinking, perception), which also gives you advantages in real life. Ukrainians claim that brain training with the help of their project is much more exciting than traditional exercises.

Now the guys are working on translating their site into other languages. Despite all the difficulties, they continue to create and believe that in this way, they help people become a little happier, and that everything will be great soon.

About: "B-Trainika" is the Ukrainian startup that has completed the development and testing of its project and is now planning to enter the English-speaking market.

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