AYAVAYA Debuts Stress-Busting Cabin at CES 2023 that Helps Users Achieve Inner Calm within 20 Minutes

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Developed to combat the global stress pandemic, highly effective, scientifically-validated AYAVAYA cabin utilizes four automated, non-invasive treatments to eliminate stress within 20 minutes and bring the user into a meditative state

AYAVAYA, creator of the anti-stress cabin that eliminates stress in 20 minutes

"The AYAVAYA cabin has a powerful effect, provides instant stress relief — and when used repeatedly — offers stress resistance,” said AYAVAYA CEO and co-founder Jasper Momma. “AYAVAYA will help people worldwide rapidly eliminate their stress and recharge in 20 minutes."

AYAVAYA, a healthtech company, today announced the debut of its patented, scientifically validated anti-stress cabin at CES 2023. The cabin brings users into a meditative state and eliminates stress within 20 minutes by combining four automated, non-invasive treatments. AYAVAYA invites press to mailto:ayavaya@wearemgp.com [book an appointment and experience the treatment __title__ null] first hand during CES 2023, January 5 - 8, at booth 62100, stand 35 at Eureka Park in the Venetian Expo. Watch a short video of how AYAVAYA works.

“The AYAVAYA cabin has a powerful effect, provides instant stress relief — and when used repeatedly — offers stress resistance,” said AYAVAYA CEO and co-founder Jasper Momma. “AYAVAYA will help people worldwide rapidly eliminate their stress and recharge in 20 minutes. It will also allow a range of businesses to help their employees, customers or guests take a break from an often challenging world and offer them additional ways for self-care. We believe we have succeeded in creating the most accessible, anti-stress tool available on the market.”

Features and benefits of the AYAVAYA anti-stress cabin:

  • Utilizes four automated, non-invasive, scientifically proven treatments to bring the user into a meditative state and eliminate stress, including: Shirodhara, a 5,000 year old Ayurvedic procedure in which warm water is projected onto the forehead with a specific pressure, flow, temperature and rhythm to induce a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psychosomatic balance; Sound therapy, 8D surround sound technology with Solfeggio binaural beats soundtracks cause a rapid recalibration of the brain to restore mental balance; Aromatherapy and Colored Light therapy that reinforces the meditation-inducing effects of the Shirodhara treatment.
  • A stand-alone device that doesn’t require operational guidance. Users don’t need to change clothes or do any exercises: they simply push a button and lie down in the cabin for a fully automated 20-minute treatment that is scientifically proven to induce deep meditation, regardless of the user’s prior knowledge of meditation practices.
  • Developed for use by people at offices, hotels, airports and airport lounges, hospitals, health spas, gyms, and therapist offices, while also making it affordable for these types of establishments to offer treatments at a low price, with low power and water consumption.
  • Retails for $25K, but is also available to lease at a cost of $750 per month for a three-year period, with no deposit required. The AYAVAYA cabin also yields a high ROI when offered as a treatment to paying customers: an average of eight treatments per day at a suggested cost of $15 per treatment against a lease of $750 per month nets a monthly profit of $1,650 per cabin.

Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. AYAVAYA’s anti-stress cabins offer a novel way to both manage stress and boost physical performance. Independent research has shown unanimously positive results for the more than 500 people who have tried AYAVAYA’s anti-stress cabin. Short, 20-minute-long practices of meditation have been proven to reduce stress-related health issues, such as anxiety, inflammation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.

According to the [American Institute of Stress, depression and anxiety cost the global economy approximately $1 trillion in lost productivity. A recent Stress in America 2022 survey from the American Psychological Association found more than a quarter of U.S. adults (27%) say that most days they are so stressed they can’t function. Adults also reported that stress has had an impact on their health; 76% of adults reported they had experienced at least one symptom in the last month as a result of stress.

The AYAVAYA anti-stress cabin has been successfully piloted at the BLUE Wellness Hotel by Fletcher Hotels in The Netherlands since October 2022, where the treatment has proven to be immensely popular. More than 200 paying customers have experienced the AYAVAYA treatment to date, and Fletcher Hotels plans to add more AYAVAYA anti-stress cabins to their other wellness resorts.

AYAVAYA is open to meeting with press, investors, and partners at CES in the mental health and healthtech space who are interested in scaling their effective anti-stress treatment to combat the global stress pandemic. Contact mailto:ayavaya@wearemgp.com [ayavaya@wearemgp.com __title__ null] to schedule a media interview and experience AYAVAYA first hand during CES 2023. Access the AYAVAYA press kit here.


AYAVAYA is the creator of the patented, scientifically-validated AYAVAYA anti-stress cabin — the world's most powerful way to combat stress with a simple, 20-minute treatment. The AYAVAYA cabin makes stress elimination and meditation available to anyone at the push of a button by combining knowledge from Eastern and Western medicine in four automated non-invasive treatments — sound therapy, aromatherapy, light therapy and Shirodhara, a water-based head treatment in which warm water is projected on the forehead with a specific flow, temperature and rhythm.

Founded in 2019, AYAVAYA is a privately held company based in The Hague, Netherlands. Follow AYAVAYA on LinkedIn and Twitter or learn more at https://www.ayavaya.co.


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