Lilysilk Introduces Brand New 22 Momme Silk Pajamas Into Its Silk Nightwear Selection recently revamped its nightwear section, exchanging the regular 19 momme lines with the more upscale 22momme products.

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22mm silk robes for women

22mm silk robes for women

We want to focus on the best silk there is and give our customers the best experience possible, and the 22 momme sleepwear is a perfect entry point.

Seymour, TX (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

Lilysilk, the leading online retailer specializing in high-end silk bedding linen and sleepwear has recently made a bold move in re-defining its image as the vendor-of-choice when it comes to top-most tier of silk merchandise. By abandoning the traditional 19 momme line of pajamas and other sleepwear, Lilysilk is aiming to focus on only the best 22 momme silk sleepwear on the market, the quality of which simply cannot be found anywhere else.

“We are constantly striving to define our market niche more clearly,” said company CEO Mike Lee when asked about the driving factors behind this change. “The 19 momme pajamas and robes we carried were profitable enough, but we just feel that it is not what we want to do. was created with the aim to bring the best silk to the world, yet the 19 momme nightwear simply lacked the wow factor that defined our other products. After much debating, we finally decided that we want to focus on the best silk there is and give our customers the best experience possible, and the 22 momme sleepwear is a perfect entry point. In fact, I believe we are the only store in the world that sells sleepwear made with 22 momme silk.”

The prices for the new pajamas and robes are substantially higher than before, but it is to be expected, as 22 momme raw silk is significantly more expensive than its 19 momme counterpart. Mike acknowledged that the price hike would probably scare customers away and have an overall negative effect on sales initially, but also said he was confident that over time, customer will realize the benefits of the 22 momme such as greater comfort, better sheen, easier maintenance and vastly improved durability, which the old 19 momme pajamas have no chance of matching. It is speculated that, when placed in a situation where the sleepwear is used daily and regularly exposed to potential damaging factors such as pet scratches and non-silk-specialized washing machines, the 22 momme alternative is capable of lasting over 3 times as long as the 19 momme one, so customers actually spend less over the same period - this is without taking into account the amount of time spent in looking for new pajamas and the potential problems that can come with every new purchase.

Customers can check out Lilysilk’s new sleepwear on the vendor’s website,, under the sleepwear section. Both men’s and women’s sleepwear are available in a total of six colors that range from the classical black to warm chocolate, passionate red and sexy violet. A total of 5 predefined sizes including small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large are ready for choosing as well as Lily’s famous no-charge customization service that allows customers to make pajamas and robes that fit themselves perfectly. US customers can Visit for more details.



silk pajamas for women silk pajamas for women

silk pajamas for women

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silk scarf

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