Recent Success of High Gravity Well Ventures Points to Continued Growth for 7S

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Recent technological developments and shifts in energy commodities create opportunity for 7S Oil and Gas in the form of high-gravity wells and lease acquisitions in the Permian Basin. Management history points to continued growth.

Cowden Lease - 456 Pumping Unit 144 Inch Stroke

Track record does more than indicate the strength and health of an institution. It is a barometer of where a company is headed, and what kind of culture it will implement in the achievement of its goals.

Current strategic goals of 7S Oil and Gas seek to increase total acreage in the oil-and-gas rich Permian basin to 200,000 and reach an active well-count of 400. This ambition will certainly be aided by the December launch of their website, which 7S intends to use to provide investors with regular project updates. One noteworthy possibility in the near future, investment into an oil rig, could appreciably improve production in a relatively short period of time.

Additionally, recent forays into High Gravity holdings have been positive, with High Gravity 1 Well already sold and a rig planned for mid-April. Using the success of High Gravity 2 Well to assess the viability of other High Gravity facilities, 7S has already planned an open High Gravity 2 Well, opened to investors April 1, 2015. Several related permits have already been filed with the appropriate offices for new wellbores, which will be needed for projects in high gravity 2, 3 and 4.

William "Gilligan" Sewell, President and CEO of 7S Oil and Gas, founded the company on principles of longevity and transparency. From early in his career, he realized that the best investments are those that persevere. Oil and gas, commodities since antiquity, seemed obvious choices, especially considering his familiarity with the particularly abundant Permian Basin region.

Extensive management of his own companies has prepared Sewell for the challenges associated with the maintenance and continued development of 7S Oil and Gas properties. Drill Right Consultants has effectively cultivated a team of site management professionals that offer a range of solutions for difficulties that arise during the drilling and reclamation process. Well respected among companies based in the Permian Basin region, Drill Right's track record effectively managing projects reflects positively on Sewell's methods.

Another venture owned by Sewell, K&G Rentals, provides expert logistics alongside their heavy machinery and equipment. Their inventory includes generators, trailers capable of transporting resources and tools, and gear for site upkeep. And where K&G helps maintain, Gilligan's Island Salt Water Disposal (SWD) capitalizes on planned infrastructure to yield the fullest harvest. Without the water provided by Gilligan's Island SWD, and fresh water station fracking techniques would be impossible.

Each of these diverse companies, owned by Sewell and respected by local businesses, represent a portion of the integrated support with which he approaches his investment in 7S Oil and Gas. Sewell's commitment to sustainability, a recent buzzword among investors, has been a part of Sewell's philosophy since his first involvement in the industry. The name of 7S, indicating the seven Sewell children and their future legacy, shows rather explicitly the level of care and attention that Sewell devotes to 7S strategic development. With leases in 11 counties, a total acreage of no less than 18,620 in the Permian Basin, it's a legacy that continues to grow under Sewell's leadership with the support of his children Lonnie (Production Superintendent) and Michael (Drilling Superintendent) Sewell.

Far from being pessimistic about the future of oil and gas, Sewell quickly came to the understanding that through technological advancement, intentional investment, careful research, and ingenuity, the oil and gas market could not only be reinvigorated, but also sustained.

This approach is supported extensively through the efforts of Kerri White, CFO and Vice President of 7S Oil and Gas. 26 years of experience has enabled Kerri to ensure smooth and efficient operations since the company's inception. Having worked for major oil companies in various capacities, including everything from the on-site support of staff to managerial direction of drilling, White has been an invaluable asset to 7S. Her knowledge of drilling contract and procedure has led to tight management of the administrative side of operations. This wealth of knowledge and experience is made fully accessible to virtually all aspects of operations in her role as Vice President.

Leases acquired by 7S Oil and Gas in the past year include properties in Duvall, Tom Greene, Ward, Ector, Midland, Upton, Crane, Taylor, and Pecos counties, Texas. Though not exhaustive, the following list enumerates some notable properties:

640 Acres Eaton Lease, Pecos County
320 Acres Unit Eaton, Pecos County
80 Acres Kim Eaton, Pecos County
160 Acres PVOC S Lease, Pecos County
160 Acres PVOC Luke, Pecos County
80 Acres PVOC Wes, Pecos County
160 Acres PVOC JBS, Pecos County
3520 Acres PVOC Lease, Pecos County
5120 Acres High Gravity Lease, Pecos County
320 Acres TSL Lease, Ector County
160 Acres Grub Lease, Ward County
320 Acres Mitchel Lease, Ford County
640 Acres Willow Lease, Ector County
1080 Acres Cowden Lease, Crane County
3800 Acres Hoffman Lease, Duval County
920 Matthews Lease, Tom Greene
1140 Taylor County Richards Lease

This series of acquisitions, enjoying quick integration thanks to the foresight and preparation of Sewell and White, have already been researched and evaluated for production capacity. Installation and actual output appear to be imminent, which indicates rather strongly that 7S truly is dedicated to its own longevity. At the same time, their consistently positive reputation among local businesses and investors suggests their dedication to transparency is authentic as well.

If 7S remains true to its core principles, streamlining current holdings while diversifying itself further, the legacy of the Sewell children and 7S Oil and Gas both hold great promise.

For more information about 7S Oil & Gas contact us: 7S Oil and Gas, 4310 S Highway 349, Midland, TX – 79706 Midland Office Phone: 1-432-684-4888 Investment Questions Phone: 1-844-599-3600

AFE (authority for expenditures) - a general break down of the estimated cost to drill.
Fracking - the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.
SWD - salt water disposal.
Pulling unit - a machine utilized in oilfields for removal of well bar internal casing and tubing. Can also be used in a wellbore to remove drilling rods. Pulling units are broadly used in pump pulling applications.
Permian Basin - a sedimentary basin in western part of Texas, US, known for deposits of oil, natural gas, and potassium salts.

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