Expanding Reports to Give Consumers More Context

New reports will sort arrests by conviction and sentencing guidelines.

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 28, 2014 has changed the format of their public document criminal records in order to give consumers a greater sense of context, the company announced yesterday.

“It's one thing to simply tell customers that someone was arrested,” an spokesman said. “But that doesn't tell the whole story. Whether or not they were convicted and what kind of sentence the judge handed down are much more important in a background check. Therefore, we've rearranged the reports in order to give people that sense of context. We think this will allow everyone to make better decisions.” pointed out that not everyone who is arrested is eventually found guilty of that crime.

“Police officers do make mistakes,” he said. “And someone shouldn't be thought of as a potential criminal because of those mistakes. Knowing if someone was found not guilty or if the charges were dismissed is very important.”

Sentencing also tells an important part of the story, he said.

“Sometimes a judge will realize that someone technically violated the law, but not in a serious or harmful way,” he said. “They will then give a suspended or very light sentence. Consumers can now look at the sentencing and know if the court system took the charge seriously or not.”

The new reports are designed to be fairer to the person consumers are researching.

“We want people to work from honest information, and not simply from shock value,” he said.

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