Bryan Duncan to Record New Crowdfunded Album

Music legend Bryan Duncan will record a new crowdfunded album at

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Recording artist Bryan Duncan announced a crowdfunding campaign to fund the recording and release of a new album.

Duncan has released 14 solo albums, three with the NehoSoul Band and seven with the Sweet Comfort Band. His recordings have been celebrated with four Dove Awards and one Grammy Award. He has sold in excess of 1.2 million records and had 16 No. 1 radio hits.

Duncan uses social media and crowdfunding to fuel a new business model that allows him to connect directly with his audience, in ways that are better for them and crucial for Duncan, bypassing traditional record labels. The new model allowed Duncan to record albums, produce music videos; and it makes it easier for him to get to more cities for concerts. Duncan has the creative freedom of an independent artist but is still able to compete with the big record companies for radio airplay and media coverage.

Crowdfunding is a convergence of technology, social media, fundraising, and patronage that provides billions of dollars in backing to hundreds of thousands of projects. In addition to providing financial support, crowdfunding projects provide valuable information about public interests, facilitate deep relationships with backers, and act as self-funded marketing campaigns for the events, services, products, and campaigns they fund.

Duncan’s backers can also receive special incentives for participating in the campaign — autographed albums, house concerts, and other personalized rewards. He wrote the song Sweet Friend Of Mine to celebrate them and their support.

"My audience and I share many of the same experiences. Interaction with them often is the inspiration for songs," Duncan says. "So it’s exciting to have a way to connect with some of them during the writing and recording process."

Duncan views music as a calling, so he’ll be writing and singing as long as he’s able, with or without a record company.

"If you’ve got a calling, you’re compelled to do it whatever the obstacles. I’m grateful, though, that there are people who have listened to my music and supported me for so many years."

Duncan's critically acclaimed Conversations album was funded through a 2011 crowdfunding campaign. "I learned so much about doing a crowdfunded project," says Duncan. "I am really happy with how Conversations turned out but I believe I can make the journey even more enjoyable for everyone involved this time."

"The crowdfunding process and how we continue to involve the audience after the campaign closes has a profound influence on my songwriting," says Duncan. "There’s a current of gratitude that runs through my new songs."