Cell-Fie Hip Band Cell Phone Holder - the Only Way to Go, Announces Nifty-Nifty.com

Nifty-Nifty.com knows consumers have places to go and promises the most remarkable, hands-free way to get them (and their cellphones) there; the Cell-Fie Hip Band Cell Phone Holder.

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Cell-Fie HipBand Cellphone Holder

Cell-Fie HipBand Cellphone Holder

See Cell-Fie™ online today and say, hip, hip hooray!

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 26, 2014

The Cell-Fie™ Hip Band Cell Phone Holder is a marvelous, unisex, waistband, made of stretchy, washable material, which boasts 2 zippered compartments and 1 large open pocket, allowing consumers to cart their belongings about in a comfortable, organized, and worry-free way.

“This is not some antiquated fanny pack”, says Wendy Miller, co-owner of Nifty-Nifty.com’s top-selling, hands-free accessories, “the Cell-Fie™ Cell Phone Holder is a trendy new way to tote one’s cellphone, passport, water bottle and other necessary items, with panache.”

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, from basic Black to Animal Print, the Cell-Fie™ Hip Band Cell Phone Holders are really something to cheer about. They offer the perfect way to personalize any casual, business or formal attire, while offering outstanding, instantaneous, access to one’s lip gloss, tissues, funds, and other small personal belongings.

Consumers can toss a cell phone and wallet in the Cell-Fie™ Cell Phone Holder and visit the strip mall, or add a couple power bars to one of the large, zippered pockets and hit the gym running, mix in a few biscuits and waste bags and take a favorite canine on an outdoor adventure – there is really no limit to what one can do, while wearing a stylishly-versatile, Cell-Fie Hip Band Cell Phone Holder.

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