High Student Fees are Number One Reason for Young Women Using Sugar Daddy Websites

A voting poll by crazyoz.com recently revealed that most sugar babes in the United Kingdom are seeking a sugar daddy to help with student fees. This is due to high student fees, high living costs and high unemployment rate in the United Kingdom.

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High student fees are number one reason for young women using sugar daddy websites

(PRWEB) April 08, 2014

The economy in the UK, like most other parts of the world, is still in a recession. Most people assume that the United Kingdom and especially London is full of wealthy people, but there is a big gap between the rich and poor and the gap between the rich and poor is continuing to get wider. The BBC recently reported that more than a quarter of Londoners are in poverty. London has problems with child poverty, young adult unemployment, low pay, high housing costs and high cost of living. With the rising cost of student fees in the United Kingdom, students can no longer afford University fees without getting themselves into huge debts. Some women see a way out by dating older wealthy successful men in order to help with tuition fees. It is possible that Student fees may even increase from a cap of £9,000 to £20,000, so things will only get harder for the poor.

CrazyOz.com recently ran a voting poll for sugar babes to vote in. Looking at the response, it was clear that most sugar babes are seeking sugar daddies due to being in financial difficulty. The low wages and the global economic recession are making more women and men seek rich partners to help them out with finances. 29% of sugar babes said they were seeking a sugar daddy because they needed help with student fees, 27% because they were broke, 24% because they enjoy being spoilt, 11% because they like expensive stuff, and 8% because they liked older men.

As many people are struggling with the rise of daily expenses and the cost of living in the United Kingdom, CrazyOz.com sugar daddy dating service aims to connect good looking young women who have found themselves in hard times and who would like to meet a mature wealthy man to help them out.

Oz the founder of CrazyOz.com who is a computer programmer stated - “I have had over 200 votes for the voting poll for Sugar Babes to vote. Take a look at the blog on http://www.crazyoz.com, and it is clear that a lot of people do not have much money these days and they are seeking sugar daddies because of the bad economy and wages paying less. It's a result of the system!”

Talking about the bad economy that is taking a toll on people, the founder of CrazyOz.com further told the media spokesperson - “A lot of jobs that used to exist are going because they are becoming computerized. For example a lot of till jobs in supermarkets are being replaced with self service checkouts. Banks also have these checkout systems where you can place money and your bank card in a machine, and the machine will count your money and put the money into your account. We also have Internet banking these days. Factory jobs are going too, due to robots and computers replacing humans. Things will only get worse as more jobs become computerized and people lose their jobs. Students are taking out loans so they can study and get skilled jobs, and they end up getting into debt. When they finish their degree, some of them can't find jobs and they have a large debt to repay which can lead to stress and sometimes a mental break down.”

Lisa a 24 year old woman who did not want to be identified found a sugar daddy on CrazyOz.com, and said, "After finishing a three year degree in Business, I had a debt of over £19,000. I found it difficult to find work because so many people in London go for the same job. Going out with a mature gentleman who is willing to pick up the bill at the end of the night in a fine London restaurant is so much more attractive than going to the local kebab shop with a childish guy my own age and arguing over who order what and then going Dutch. Mature men also have better manners and they have a lot of wisdom to offer which I personally find very attractive."

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