Changing Pricing Structure to Accommodate High-Volume Customers

Plans to have options for people who need to look up many death reports in a given time period.

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“This is all about giving people as many choices and options as we can,” the spokesman said.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2013 is creating a new pricing structure to make it easier and more economical for people who need to look up multiple death reports, the company announced yesterday.

“When we first launched several weeks ago, we thought that most people would only be looking up one or two death reports and based our pricing structure on that assumption,” a spokesman said. “But we've now realized that many people want to look up a dozen death reports or more. Creating a variety of price options in order to accommodate them seemed like the rational thing for us to do.”

The new pricing structure will give customers several options depending on how many death records they expect to be searching for in the coming year, he said.

“If someone is trying to build a large family tree, they know that they may need dozens of records,” he said. “They can look at our options and see which one is more in line with their expectations. Of course, people will still be allowed to search for only a single record if that is all they will need.”

People will be given the choice of a package that works for them during the checkout process, he said.

“This is all about giving people as many choices and options as we can,” the spokesman said. is an online source for public records that specializes in delivering the most comprehensive death reports in North America. Generating hundreds of customers daily, prides itself on providing the highest degree of customer service and report accuracy. Visit today to chat with a live representative, call 1-877-202-9181, or email Manager(at)DeathReports(dot)org with any questions or concerns.


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