Derwick Associates Looking to Build Power Plants in Spain

Having thoroughly investigated and evaluated business opportunities in Spain, the directors of Derwick Associates have expressed an interest in taking their projects overseas, specifically by building power plants in Spain.

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(PRWEB) November 09, 2013

The directors, namely Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López, Pedro Trebbau López, Edgard Romero Lazo and Francisco Convit Guruceaga, have met with the president of the Spanish Association of the Electrical Industry, Eduardo Montes, to discuss the possibility of bringing their projects to Spain.

The company has experienced tremendous growth in just a short period of time, having been awarded a number of contracts in Venezuela during their energy crisis. The fact that Derwick Associates was able to deliver power plants and supply energy under those circumstances has greatly enhanced their international reputation, especially in Spain, where the company maintains an office.

“There is a unique opportunity for us in Spain,” began Pedro Trebbau López, one of the directors who met with Montes about the power plant installation. “We have an opportunity to expand our business while also providing a valuable service to a country in need. Spain’s electricity sector makes up 1.2% of the Gross Domestic Product, so clearly there is a great opportunity for the continued growth of our company.”

Derwick Associates should know a thing or two about growth. Derwick was founded in 2009, but was instrumental in alleviating Venezuela’s energy crisis, and their role helped them to grow at an incredibly rapid rate. The company provides a number of services, including installation, procurement, engineering, construction, commissioning and operation maintenance.

According to Francisco Convit Guruceaga, the company feels good about its chances in securing an opportunity to build plants in Spain. “The meeting was exploratory for both parties, but we feel that we can meet the needs of the Spanish Association [of the Electrical Industry]. There are benefits for both parties, and we intend on further exploring those benefits with our Spanish counterpart.”


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