Former Bull & Bear Winner, Susan Wagers, "America's Breakthrough Strategist" Shows Entrepreneurs How to Earn More While Working Less

Formerly recognized as one of the top 3% of worldwide producing financial brokers, CEO and Founder of Susan Wagers International and Mountain View Peak Performance Academy, shows business owners how they can drastically increase their profit margins while reducing their work week by 365 hours a year. With highly proficient organizational skills, Wagers shows how entrepreneurs can adopt standard operational procedures, which increase productivity while decreasing time and energy, something seemingly unheard of in the business industry.

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See how Susan Wagers, America's Breakthrough Strategist, can systematize your business for success.

Susan Wagers, "America's Breaktthrough Strategist," CEO of Susan Wagers International

Entrepreneurs can earn MORE while working LESS! What could you do with 365 more hours a year?

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

Susan Wagers, CEO and Founder of Susan Wagers International and Mountain View Peak Performance Academy has utilized her previous financial skills as one of the top 3% of producing financial brokers worldwide to show entrepreneurs how to break their current financial glass ceiling while reducing their hours. In a promise seemingly unheard of in the business industry, Wagers has combined her skillset from previous roles in organizational management, supervisor, and First Vice President to generate specialized Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for aspiring business owners seeking to break six and seven figures.

Wagers’ is an internationally recognized motivational keynote speaker and former Bull & Bear Award Winner. She is the best-selling author of “Stepping Stones of POWER: Your Blueprint to Succeed in Any Business,” and author of several manuals outlining how to increase productivity and profits while decreasing time and effort. She consults with entrepreneurs to generate systemization to earn more while working less.

“My business strategies do not include your traditional advice for working harder and longer,” shares Wagers, “America’s Breakthrough Strategist. “The difference is that I show clients how to gain more free time to spend with time and family while increasing productivity and profits. By utilizing an extensive background in organizational management and adoption of specialized Standard Operational Procedures, any business can start having their business work for them instead of them working for their business.

A few of Susan Wagers strategies for a business breakthrough revolution that decreases their workload by 365 hours a year include:

  •     Reduce stress by adopting professional habits that eliminate stress-inducing time wasters.
  •     Increase focus by mapping out a plan to eliminate distractions.
  •     Raise productivity by laying out standard operational procedures that systematize your business duties to avoid rework and late work.

This former Bull & Bear Award Winner, previously honored for her competence maintaining capital during secular bears and maximizes returns during secular bulls, was recognized by her peers for having a keen ability to maintain profitability during both the highs and lows of financial investing. Maintaining the balance within this profession requires perceptive business and financial knowledge that allows a professional to determine whether there is pending shift in the economy that is short lived or long term.

Using that perceptive money skillset combined with her standard operational procedural (SOP) knowledge allowed Wagers to discover that a business owner can achieve more free time and less stress while bringing in more income and raising productivity. By adopting her habits, organizational skills, and winning attitude, you can gain 365 hours a year and make more money! To have Wagers inspire your listening audience or readership with tips and tricks to earn more while working less, or to book her as your next Keynote Speaker, contact her publicist Andrea Adams-Miller, 419-722-6931, Publishing, Publicity, & Talent Agency.

About Susan Wagers:

Susan Wagers broke the glass ceiling in the financial investing market as a Bull & Bear Award Winner honoring her as one of the top 3% of producing brokers worldwide. She then continued professional career stepping up as a leader with the titles of Supervisor and First Vice President. Specializing in organizational management, increased productivity and a rise in profits, she now shows entrepreneurs how they, too, can break the glass ceiling as an in-demand International Motivational Keynote Speaker and CEO of Susan Wagers International and The Mountain View Peak Performance Academy,

As “America’s Breakthrough Strategist,” Wagers, previously honored as “Woman of the Year,” this recognized leader reflects exceptional qualities of integrity, leadership, and distinguished service towards the betterment of others. Known for her outstanding contributions to business, Wagers continually provides excellence in service for entrepreneurs seeking high productivity and increased profit margins. Additionally, she shows non-profit organizations and government agencies how to minimize time and energy expenditures while increasing productivity and profits so that they can better serve their communities.

A best-selling author, Wagers’ penned several books and special reports including her ‘must read’ personal and business development book ‘Stepping Stones of POWER: Your Blueprint to Succeed in Any Business.’ In addition, Susan has outlined extensive productivity manuals that define the most efficient standard operational procedures (SOPs) for small to large businesses including SOPs for home management. Susan Wagers currently resides in Colorado's Front Range Urban Corridor between Denver and Colorado Springs.

To schedule an interview or speaking engagement with Susan Wagers, contact Publicist Andrea Adams-Miller at 419-722-6931 of The RED Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency,