Publishes New Game Eras of Alchemy To Google Play, an indie game company best known for their virtual pet adventure game Furdiburb, has published Eras of Alchemy on to the Google Play Store. Described as a relaxing casual riddle and puzzle game, EoA tasks the players to repopulate the planet after an apocalyptic event.

Orange, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014, an indie gaming company best known for the virtual pet adventure game Furdiburb, has released Eras of Alchemy to the Google Play Store. The company plans to port the game to NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble and the App Store in the near future.

The game begins with an apocalypse that almost wipes out all life on Earth. HERA, the Holographic Earth Revival Alchemist - created for such emergencies, helps players to create new creatures with her alchemical pods. She also provides hints to guide players to finding pairs of animals that lead to new life.

"Publishing the game on Google Play is such a huge milestone for us," commented Danny Ata, artist. "We put a lot of effort into creating a visually rich alchemy game with an intriguing theme and story line. When we first started this project our goal was to fill a void in the market place, where the fun and puzzling mechanics of an alchemy game are finally combined with animation and story. Now that I can step back and look at this game as a whole I'm very happy to see that we met our goal."

Founded in 2010 by two guys and a gal with the mission of "making the world a happier place - one app at a time." Targeting Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Amazon Kindle Fire, and NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble, is dedicated in creating rewarding and enjoyable experiences for users of any age.

Furdiburb, the virtual pet, is available for Android devices, NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the App Store. It is family-friendly and has garnered fans from all over the world.



HERA from Eras of Alchemy HERA, the Holographic Earth Revival Alchemist

HERA needs your help with repopulating the Earth with living creatures.

Fossil Graveyard from Eras of Alchemy The Fossil Graveyard

Players scrolling down will access the unique graveyard system that allows them to resurrect discovered animals or access hints to undiscovered animals.

Hint system from Eras of Alchemy Helpful Hint System

The game has a hint system in place for players who are stuck in creating combinations.

Dinosaurs in Eras of Alchemy Jurassic Era

Dinosaurs roam in the Jurassic Era, as long as players discover them.