New Fashion Staple by Fashion First Aid Is A Portable Tailor For Clothing Repairs & Alterations

Fashion First Aid launches a new product, Fashion Staple: Instant Stitch on the Go, to make clothing repairs fast, easy and portable. Think of it as a mini tailor you can carry with you for quick and easy clothing repairs and alterations.

Ketchum, ID (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Women and men everywhere have experienced falling hems and clothing rips, often at the most inopportune times. Some have resorted to stapling hems or rips in their clothing with ordinary office staplers, but usually to no avail. Silly humans; staplers are for papers. Fashion Staple: instant stitch-on-the-go is for clothing.

Used in the same way as a conventional stapler, Fashion Staple shoots out hems instead of pokey metal bits that will fall out or get caught on other clothes in the dryer. It comes pre-threaded for instant use, but also comes with 5 common thread colors. A bargain at twice the price, $19.95, Fashion Staple is available from 20 April at

Fashion First Aid (Solutions That Stick Inc.) invents and manufactures both wacky and useful personal care products that you will never see someone else wearing, unless you take off his/her clothes. Recently relocated from Southern California to Idaho, we began in 1999 with one product, Garment Guard: disposable underarm shields (because the founder was a broke law student who was tired of her expensive white t-shirts getting ruined by underarm taco stains.) Now, with over 45 products on the market, over 10 in the works, and a light and upbeat book entitled The Dirty Side of Fashion, the corporate mission is still to save the world from fashion and beauty disasters and help make clothes last longer.



Fashion Staple is a portable tailor for  clothing alterations & repairs Fashion Staple is a portable tailor for clothing alterations & repairs

Fashion Staple:instant stitch on the go by Fashion First Aid