Mold to Cost Lenawee County Sheriff Department 13K, Florida Mold Removal Company AGC Environmental Shares a Tip How to Prevent Such a Huge Expense

A mold problem at Lenawee County Sheriff Department building will reportedly cost the county some 13 thousand. Meanwhile, in order to help the public avoid such a huge mold expense, Florida mold inspection company AGC Environmental shared a mold remediation advice.

(PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Mold was detected at Lenawee County Sheriff Department building. And according to a report from, it will cost some $13,000 to clear it from the place. Meanwhile, wanting to help anyone else dealing with a mold problem avoid the same huge expense, Florida mold inspection company AGC Environmental advised the public to implement an early test.

The report was published on April 08, 2014. It relayed that no black mold was found in the building. However, it cited that “unacceptable” levels of mold spores were detected in the areas affected, hence the removal process.

The remediation plan, said the report, was approved on Monday. And as it detailed, it will be implemented on several rooms in the former jail portion of the department.

Leaking pipes, along with the stored files and materials stored in the affected areas, were the determined sources of the problem, said the report. And as it shared, the complaints of the employees were what led to the discovery of them and of the mold presence.

Here is a part of the said news.

“Cleaner air is on order for the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department building.

A contract for up to $13,000 in cleaning and disinfecting to remove mold from several rooms in the former jail portion of the building was approved Monday by Lenawee County commissioners. The physical resources committee also recommended a $53,365 contract for removing unused toilets and plumbing from the former jail to eliminate water leaks that contributed to mold problems.”

Like the Lenawee County Sheriff Department, anyone could suffer from a huge mold expense, said Florida mold removal company AGC Environmental. And as it reasoned out, that's because even just a little moisture in an inconspicuous area could start a major mold contamination.

However, such problem could be prevented, it stated. To do it, it said that one needs to get a mold testing done early. That way, if the fungus is indeed present, a remediation could then be promptly implemented.

Nonetheless, for a Florida mold inspection particularly, AGC Environmental asserted that its service is the best. And as it cited, that's because its indoor air quality testing, as well as its other environmental services, are all performed by certified mold professionals.

Moreover, it added that they provide sound advices on how to deal with the situation best. It said that they offer detailed report as well about the mold problem. That report, said AGC Environmental, could be used for court purposes such as for insurance claims. It is big help too when purchasing a new house, it pointed out.

To learn more about AGC Environmental's Florida air quality testing and other environmental services, readers could visit its website at


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