GSky’s New Green Wall at Major Medical Provider Transforms Lobby into Relaxing Oasis for Patients

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. has installed a new Versa Green Wall to accent renovated lobby with a living mural of lush greenery.

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Nature was used as a theme for the interior of this facility, both in artwork and design, and the Green Wall fits that imagery.

Rochester, MN (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest Green Wall installation at a major medical provider in Minnesota. It is currently undergoing an expansion to include more wellness offerings and services for patients to help improve their overall health and wellness. To complement the its comprehensive approach to wellness, GSky has installed a new Versa Green Wall to accent one of the new lobbies with living, breathing plants that will transform the interior into a relaxing oasis for patients.

Adding a Green Wall was an easy way to integrate the beauty of nature in an area of respite. The vibrant Green Wall features 2,530 lush plants displayed in an abstract design with interweaving strands that move in and out of each other in harmony. Covering 504 sq. ft. of wall space, the Green Wall is truly a living mural that adds the ‘wow-factor’ to the lobby and offers something beautiful to view while patients wait.

“Nature was used as a theme for the interior of this facility, both in artwork and design, and the Green Wall fits that imagery,” says Hal Thorne, CEO at GSky Plant Systems, Inc. “It allows patients to relax by drawing upon our experience with nature. Aside from proven health benefits, nature creates an environment that nurtures positive thoughts—which can be very powerful during the healing process.”

The benefits of Green Walls also make it a natural fit for a health and wellness center. By incorporating a Green Wall into the lobby, it helps foster a positive and uplifting environment that can help improve the wellbeing of each individual. Also, the plants on the Green Wall improve air quality by removing toxins in the air and capturing dust. The process of photosynthesis consumes CO2 and releases O2, which provides more energy-rich oxygen.

Other Green Wall benefits:

  •     The Green Wall softens the environment and has a profound impact on physical and mental wellbeing.
  •     The Green Wall provides a spiritual connection to nature that is sometimes overlooked.
  •     The benefits of seeing nature and being in nature can ease stress, calm individuals, heal and improve their wellbeing. Studies have shown that hospital patients exposed to greenery as opposed to ‘hard surfaces’ are less anxious.

GSky’s Versa Wall System is user-friendly and easy to install and maintain for any interior Green Wall. It employs four-inch industry standard pots that can be placed directly into the Versa Wall Tray to ensure instant plant coverage, offering flexible installation options and a variety of plant selections. The Versa Wall is eco-friendly, customizable, durable and economical. Additionally, it has a recirculating irrigation system that is 100% water efficient and self-contained.

About GSky Plant Systems, Inc.
Founded in 2004, GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of vertical Green Walls in North America and the Middle East. The business was founded based on the explosive growth of green technology, including Green Wall and Roof Systems in Asia. GSky currently offers three Green Wall Systems, the Pro Wall, Versa Wall and the Basic Wall. Each system is unique in terms of design flexibility, installation location versatility, plant selection variety, desired size, cost, coverage time-line, and system components. GSky strives to make plant systems more accessible and functional in urban environments while having a net positive impact on the environment. For more information visit us at, “Like” us on Facebook at or follow @gskygreenwalls on Twitter.