“The Moment” Prophesies The Future

CNN says “this one was big, but it’s not the big one”…Gary Zamora with Prophetic Alignment, LLC, accurately prophesies world events at its premier gathering, “The Moment” and announces the 2nd PROPHETIC 2014 “The Moment” evening live this April 18th, 2014 in Sun Valley, CA.

(PRWEB) April 10, 2014

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck 1 mile east of La Habra on Friday, March 28th, 2014 during the premier event of “The Moment”. Gary Zamora said God told him this would happen while he was speaking that evening and that was only the beginning.

The Moment’s premier event took place March 28th, 2014 at 7:00 PM and was a huge success. Gary prophesied big things about the future, some of which have already been documented and come to pass.

“It’s as if God has his finger on the fault line” says Gary Zamora during the event – “and literally at different points in time we are going to feel the movement, not only of the earth, the earth is definitely going to move, but we are going to feel the movement of God”.

(CNN) “This one was big, but it’s not the big one”. An 8.2 – magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile Tuesday night (April 1, 2014), triggering small landslides, setting off a Tsunami and killing at least 5 people. But, geologists say an even larger quake in the region is lurking.

Gary Zamora states “Although, this is a fearful time, it is not a time to be afraid. It is a time to prophetically dive in deeper and prophesy your future”.

Gary Zamora embodies a message of divine truth called to reveal Gods will on Earth and is delivering this word, live, at “The Moment”.

“God is doing something new – it’s a time to be more serious about what God is calling each of us to do, it’s a time to prophetically dive deeper” states Gary Zamora.

Gary Zamora is a Prophetic Leader and Prophet who was born in the United States. He embodies the gift of prophecy and is an expert in situational psychology. When asked how he knows how to guide individuals so accurately, he often says "God has blessed me with the gift of knowing."

Gary’s PROPHETIC 2014 "The Moment's'" 2nd event is scheduled for April 18th, 2014 at 7:00 PM in Sun Valley, CA. This is a live, in person event and will not be broadcast. "The Moment" is a place to hear the prophetic voice of God. Experience "The Moment" Live with Prophet Gary Zamora; even just a glimpse of the prophetic can change the course of your life forever.

Zamora is the creator of 3 top selling products which are widely recognized as the key and fundamental components for individuals to establish a solid and prophetic foundation in their lives.

Prophetic Alignment, LLC has developed various ways to deliver the message of prophetic insight through their products, programs, events and seminars. His live radio program titled "Prophetic Edge" airs every Wednesday at 3:00 PM Pacific where he delivers explosive insight as to why the prophetic is so important and how to make it more effective than ever before in your personal life.


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Prophetic Meeting "The Moment" April 18th, 2014

7:00 PM in Sun Valley, CA