The New KKP ‘Paper Cut’ Campaign Addresses the Risks of Office Chaos and Those Pesky Printing Injuries

The newly released KKP Paper Cut Campaign increases awareness about the spiralling effects of office chaos including, but not limited to, violent office equipment, ruthless mail, reports in shambles, and staff at wits’ end fighting a losing battle against insufferable paper cuts.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

KKP’s Paper Cut Campaign (care of Big3 Video Agency) warns of the imminent risks of office chaos: a printer gone rogue, annual reports in disarray, merciless staplers, relentless mail, looming deadlines, staff panic-stricken and unable to contain a massive spread of painful paper cuts. It’s a bad scene, to say the least.

KKP Print, Design & More has the skills, expertise and know-how to assess the crisis, nurse the wounds, call in backup and deliver the fix! In this case, annual reports professionally printed, bound and tabbed; brochures stapled, addressed, stamped and ready for mailing; corporate manuals designed and printed; and bandages, lots and lots of bandages for those pesky paper cuts.

Business owners take note – there is no need to suffer through office chaos with KKP as a trusted business partner. With locations coast to coast, a KKP Canada location is never far. Save time. Save money. Save fingers!

Need business cards designed? Corporate manuals and reports printed for your next board meeting? Professional brochures and marketing material used in your advertising? Signs or banners needed for an event? There is no job too big, too small or too complex for KKP.

Outsourcing print, design and marketing needs is not a new concept. Businesses have been turning to KKP Canada since 1979 not only for the reliable and high quality printing services, but because KKP is an award winning printing house that does it all – KKP can manage all business print, design and marketing needs!

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a one-stop-shop! KKP has a variety of experts on staff to meet every business need. Expert designers bring client ideas into reality, marketing professionals analyze business goals and create customized marketing campaigns, and print specialists ensure print products are high quality and crystal clear.

What else sets KKP apart from the crowd? Client experience! Beyond print, design and marketing expertise, KKP provides the personal touch and care of a neighbourhood store, treating every single client and project as a priority. With KKP, business owners can be confident that their needs are in trusted hands.

More About KKP:
KKP (originally launched as Kwik Kopy Printing) was founded in Houston, Texas in 1969, and brought to Canada in 1979. The company has grown internationally to become the largest business-to-business printing franchise in the world, helping over 400 franchisees to start their own business in 12 countries.

Currently in Canada, the KKP franchise system includes 57 locations coast to coast. National accolades include the top two awards by the Canadian Franchise Association: Award of Excellence and the Hall of Fame. Other national marketing awards include: the Excellence in Franchise Advertising and the Gold Ace Award.

For further information contact:
Gigi Harding
Email: gigiharding(at)kkpcanada(dot)ca
Phone: 416-798-7007