KUBA Ka Caused a Riot of Fans by Providing a Sneak-Peek of His Custom-Created Look by Versace, Celebrated His Birthday and the Launch of His Pop Superhero Look

As 500 fans stormed the ballroom doors at the Exclusive Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, European pop-star and self-proclaimed “Pop Superhero of the World” unveiled a sneak-peek of the Donatella Versace drawing that will be the new look for KUBA Ka.

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KUBA Ka Empire, Versace, Pop Superhero KUBA Ka

KUBA Ka at his birthday bash Saturday night with pet anaconda Zeus.

"I am thrilled to be partnering with Donatella Versace and so excited to see my new Superhero look," said KUBA Ka

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Birthday parties are celebrated daily in Hollywood and around the world, but few garner the attention and publicity that was received by KUBA Ka, Pop-Star Superhero on Saturday night. The announcement went out barely a week ago announcing the party and the unveiling of the Donatella Versace custom-created “costume” for KUBA Ka’s new look. Event planners were expecting to host 100+ guests in the exclusive Peninsula Hotel and were totally caught off guard when more than 500 fans and celebrities arrived.

Fans were eager to pose with KUBA Ka and his eccentric pet snake, creating a circus-like atmosphere complete with screaming fans and loud music. “We expected about 100 people to show up, and with more than 500 in attendance and more being turned away, we are pretty excited with the attention KUBA Ka is getting,” said an event organizer from Edward Lozzi and Associates.

Corey Feldman was one of the first to get his photo taken with KUBA Ka and Zeus, his pet anaconda snake, but left quickly when he realized the throng of people about to invade the party. TV personality and recording artist Vikki Lizzi and Pop Fashion and Sports co-host, Sabrina Parisi from Stan Lee (founder of Marvel Comics and creator of world-famous superheroes) helped make the night a huge success.

Recently gracing the cover of APOLLO Magazine, KUBA Ka is gaining notoriety with his music, (including upcoming album “The Titan”) and TV and film productions. He was the second entertainer ever signed by Michael Jackson’s manager, Frank Dileo. He will begin shooting his new TV series ASYLUM next month, keeping true to his outgoing personality and never-ending energy.

KUBA Ka is no stranger to attention, being a child star in Poland, his home country, where he was an Ambassador to the United Nations, UNICEF and Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Animals – RSPCA. He performed mega charity concerts with stars like Oscar award-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave. He came to the USA with the desire and vision to let the world know of the FACE FORWARD Foundation for victims of brutal violence that has destroyed their faces.

For more information about KUBA Ka, visit his web site at http://www.KUBA-ka.com or http://www.kubakaempire.com.