MineLoans.com Announces That it Will Offer Loans for Gold Mines

Funding placement group, MineLoans.com, is now offering funding for gold mines.

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

MineLoans.com, a funding request placement group, is excited to announce that it will now be offering funding solutions for gold mining projects. The company has business relationships with direct investors who are currently funding these types of mining projects.

MineLoans.com works with merchant banks, hedge funds and other institutional lenders and they specialize in locating exactly the right funding option for a project and making that connection between the investor and the project. With years of experience, the company understands what it will take to craft a funding request package for fund managers and investors to view.

MineLoans.com can acquire funding for gold mines, oil wells, coal mines and natural gas drilling. They know what investors are looking for and what questions to ask in order to find the right funding solution for any project. Once they locate the right investor for a project, they move out of the way and allow the two parties to work together. They do not charge upfront broker fees and are only paid when the deal closes.

Company spokesperson, Jeremy Peterson, had this to say, “We are pretty thrilled to be able to offer funding for gold mines. This is a lucrative field and we’ve had many requests for this service in the past. We already have investors lined up who have shown interest in gold mines.”

MineLoans.com specializes in locating funding in the range of $5M up to $500M. Their investors will usually not look at projects under $5M. They work with clients all over the world but cannot fund deals in countries where there is an active war. In some cases, funds can be made available within 30 days and the investors often have mining experts on staff to answer questions and facilitate a quick, successful closing. Permits and reports are required for funding. Shovel ready projects may also be acceptable.

In determining project viability, investors require geo reports, assay reports, a summary of the business plan, and any third party reports. Financial information on the borrower and the project is also required. MineLoans.com works with hedge funds, private investors, and merchant banks, among others.

About MineLoans.com
MineLoans.com specializes in locating the right funding for any gold mine, natural gas, coal mine or oil well project. They understand what it takes to get a deal done and they know what questions to ask and what documentation will be needed. Debt, equity or a combination of the two is a possibility. Some investors will set up purchase agreements with the borrower that allow them to purchase the gas, oil, gold, or coal at a reduced price for a specific time period. Investors may also be willing to accept cash flows from the operation. Borrowers and projects with liquidity can close faster sometimes because these are more attractive to investors. MineLoans.com is well experienced with the many nuances of deals like this and they work to achieve success for all parties concerned.

For more information, visit: http://www.mineloans.com.


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