New Jersey Bail Bonds, Sterling Bail Bonds Pleased to Announce New Website

New web presence offers advice and helpful links for those seeking help during trying personal times.

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Ocean County, New Jersey (PRWEB) April 13, 2014

Sterling Bail Bonds, an Ocean County, NJ-based full service bail bonds company serving Southern New Jersey, proudly announces the launch of their new website.

Sometimes events transpire against us, or we make bad decisions that lead to undesirable consequences such as being arrested and charged with crimes that will lead to court. While some criminal charges are not eligible bail, for those that are, bail bonds companies can offer their services for Defendants to be released on bail. For those in the Southern New Jersey area there is Sterling Bail Bonds in Ocean County.

Having achieved a high level of visibility and recognition as a reputable bail bonds company based on word of mouth and local reputation, the team at Sterling Bail Bonds knew they had to establish a presence in the digital world. This presence needed to be easily found in search engine results and offer site visitors a friendly, informative and discreet way to inquire about the services offered.

The new website offers all of that and more. A welcoming Home page offers a sense of patient confidence as well as a form for people interested in their services, and to inquire about information beyond that which is on the site. The About page offers a brief summary of the concept of bail, its legal foundation and purpose. A simple FAQ page defines the various terms involved in the process, as well as differentiating the types of bail permissible. The FAQ page also defines what a Bail Bondsman is and how they transact their services.

The Bail Process page, one that the Sterling Bail Bonds team views as the most important page on the site, takes the process of posting bail and demystifies it so that individuals seeking bail bond services for the first time can understand what can be a daunting process. This is the page the team is proudest of as they understand that for those first time bail bond customers, the level of confusion and heightened stress and anxiety can make the whole process extremely frightening. The Jails page is a simple resource for site visitors providing the names and addresses of jails throughout New Jersey. Most people who are applying for bail bonds services are doing so for someone else and may be working in an elevated sense of urgency. Having this page to refer to can be an immense help.

Sterling Bail Bonds is located in Ocean County, New Jersey and serves the entire Southern New Jersey region. They can be found online at, reached by phone at (609)549-8005 or by e-mail at info(at)sterlingbail(dot)com.