Expanding Reports To Include Rental Information

Property reports will tell potential real estate investors what type of rent they can expect to get from a given property.

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The rental estimates will be based on the rents being paid for similar properties in the same neighborhood.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2014 is updating their reports so that real estate investors can get an estimate of the rental value of the property they are looking up, the company said yesterday.

“Buying properties to rent out is a growing part of the real estate market,” a spokesman said. “But it can be hard for a new investor to know what kind of rent they can expect from a given apartment, condominium or house. We've realized that we have the ability to provide those people with estimated rental values, and feel this is a service that will be highly valued. So, it just makes sense to offer it.”

The rental estimates will be based on the rents being paid for similar properties in the same neighborhood, he said.

“Obviously, any rental situation is subject to negotiation and there are a lot of variables to consider,” he said. “But by looking at current and historic rent prices we can figure out a decent estimate of how much a landlord can expect to charge per month for a property. This should give people a good ballpark estimate.”

The rental estimates will be included in all of the property reports ordered by consumers, he said.

“The customer won't have to make a special request,” he said. “It will just be a part of our basic report. We won't ask for an additional fee for this additional service.”


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