Texzon's SmartADR™ Automated Demand Response System Receives OpenADR 2.0b Certification

SmartADR can economically serve facilities shedding load as little as 60kW, lowering the threshold for almost any commercial sized facility to take advantage of the financial incentives of a utility-sponsored demand response program.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Texzon Utilities (TEXZON), a national energy management and procurement firm, announced today the OpenADR 2.0b certification of its “SmartADR™,” a proprietary ADR Controller that responds to utility-sponsored events and generates significant financial incentives through automated curtailment.

The certification comes from the OpenADR Alliance, a nonprofit corporation created to foster the development, adoption, and compliance of the OpenADR smart grid standard. This certification is the latest and most advanced certification availalbe from the Alliance.

Would your driving habits change if gasoline prices hit $210 a gallon? This occurs regularly in the electricity market during “rush hour.” In some markets, prices can spike as high as 60 times the average price during power system emergency conditions.

The SmartADR™ controller watches out for high prices, allowing you to avert these spikes, outsmart the market, and create huge savings and new revenue streams.

The SmartADR™ system is a proprietary, customizable solution that marries demand response and price control programs to the user’s needs. The smart controller interfaces with assets and keeps a watchful eye on market opportunities for demand response. Our system covers each step in the demand response process, including:

  •      Load control and market awareness;
  •     Event notification;
  •     Real-time load reduction and automatic load restoration;
  •     Reporting of load reduction and monetary benefits associated with participating.

SmartADR™ allows for unique strategies that combine traditional demand response with price response. If electricity prices are high, a building operator may want to reduce his consumption slightly to save money (cost avoidance). During this load reduction period, a grid operator may call for additional demand response resources through a traditional DR program. Our system allows you to further reduce consumption without any additional activity required. By responding to both prices and utility-sponsored DR signals, the facility is effectively “double dipping” into incremental ADR revenue.

SmartADR™ provides seasonal, weekly, and daily scheduling controls, allowing facilities to block out days of the week or hours of the day that are unavailable for DR participation. Various prices and programs can be associated with different assets with a facility or across a group of facilities.

"We are excited to offer this seamless, simple way for our customers to participate in a demand response program, and reap the financial and environmental benefits," said Steve Wilson, Texzon CEO.

Prior to this, most demand response was focused on large industrial and commercial customers with loads greater than 800kW. The SmartADR system can economically serve facilities shedding load as little as 60kW, lowering the threshold for almost any commercial sized facility.

About Texzon:
TEXZON is a national energy management and procurement firm helping companies implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs. In 2002, TEXZON started brokering electricity and gas in the deregulated markets. TEXZON was recognized in “Entrepreneur Magazine” as one of the "Hot 100" Fastest Growing Businesses in America. “Inc. Magazine” also listed TEXZON as a top 20 energy company in "The Inc. 500." TEXZON currently operates in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois. TEXZON is also a developer of green energy storage technology and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects in U.S. markets.

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